How to Get Valuable Leads from Google

When you want to find information or media online, it’s probably automatic by now to go right to Google. It’s hard to overstate just how important Google is for the success of your business, both in terms of showing up on the results page and using Google’s services to your advantage. Here are the best ways to get good leads using Google. 

Having a Good Website

Even if people find your website in the search results pages, you won’t gain much traction without a good website. Plus, getting ranked higher on search engine results relies heavily on having a quality website. While some business owners try to focus purely on keywords and link-building to climb in the rankings, these tedious strategies will often backfire. 

Google’s metrics prioritize quality content more than ever and reward high-quality websites with better rankings. Keep things organized, make sure all of your pages are connected, and use strategic keywords in quality copy that enhances the user experience. Be sure to keep up with website maintenance and keep your content fresh so your website continues to rank well. 

Google My Business

If having your website go live is step one of establishing your digital presence, then setting up a Google My Business (GMB) profile is step two. When any user searches for businesses near them of any kind on Google, they are presented with a small map with three options right below. Obviously, you want to try to be one of those top three options. The companies that show up first when people make local searches are businesses that have set up a GMB profile. Creating a GMB profile is free of charge and allows you to post photos, create clearly visible hours and contact info, attach a keyword-rich business description, and get reviews on Google’s review platform. Setting up a GMB profile is a step you can’t afford to skip if you want to show up at the top of search engine results. 

Google Ads

When you want to launch a campaign that automatically sends your website to the top of Google’s search results, you can use Google Ads. Unlike GMB, this is a service you pay for, but when done right it results in a substantial ROI. Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) ad service where you can bid for the most valuable keywords, then include them in a targeted advertising campaign that draws web users to your website. If you tailor your keywords right, author compelling copy, and create clear calls to action, you’ll get quality leads that are likely to convert. 

Generate More Reviews

One common struggle businesses face is gaining a positive online reputation, even if most of their customers are happy. This is mainly because people who have had negative experiences are more likely to leave reviews than people who had positive ones, unless you start asking for reviews. There are a number of ways you can ask for reviews, just remember to adhere to Google’s policies for asking for reviews

When you take full advantage of this search engine giant, you’ll put yourself in a great position for quick growth.