engage prospects with videos

How to Engage Prospects with Videos

All salespeople are familiar with standard marketing techniques: email blasts, cold calls, online ads – the list is extensive. But have you ever considered video prospecting? Creating a personalized video for each of your sales leads may sound like it takes time you don’t have, but the payoff makes this investment worth it. Learning how to engage prospects with videos is easy if you follow these steps. 

1. Decide Your Video Type

Figure out the goal and outline of the video, and plan accordingly. Make sure to include all relevant information: why you’re contacting them, what the client’s issue is, and how you can solve it. Include a call to action at the end – this could be something as simple as asking the prospect to send you an email. The video you send could be of you speaking, or it could be an animated video of statistics and solutions. Decide which approach best fits the situation, and keep the video to one minute or less. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – change locations, use props, or incorporate the client’s products into your pitch. 

2. Personalize Your Videos

Gearing each video toward an individual client will make your sales pitch stand out among the crowd. Use the client’s name throughout the video and in the video’s title, and tailor the content to fit their interests. Do your research beforehand and know your target audience – what is their role and industry? And don’t worry if your pitch isn’t perfect – these minor imperfections make your video seem genuine. 

3. Include a CTA to Engage Prospects with Videos

A call to action (CTA) is one of the most important parts of video prospecting. After listening to your pitch, what do you want the client to do? It doesn’t have to be complicated – simple is probably better to decrease bounce rates. Make your message clear and make it easy for the client to follow through – if you want them to send an email, make your email address readily available. Want the client to give you a call? Make sure to state your phone number clearly, more than once.  

4. Have an Engaging Thumbnail

The first step to mining prospects with video is to make sure they click on your video link. One easy way to do this is to make your thumbnail interesting –  something they want to click on. Look friendly and inviting in the thumbnail picture, and consider using the client’s name in it as well. Another option is to use an animated GIF – having something with motion will catch the client’s eye and increase their likelihood of clicking on your video. 

5. Include testimonials

Most people want to know about others’ experiences before committing to a company or product. Including past customers’ positive reviews in your video can bolster the client’s confidence in choosing you. Check out this video from Magic Flask to see how to effectively use testimonials to engage prospects through video.


Though you might find video prospecting daunting at first, following all these tips can make video production easy and painless – and increase your client engagement! Step outside your comfort zone, and see what video prospecting can do for your sales leads.