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Top 3 Questions to Ask a Corporate Video Company

If you’re searching for the right fit for a corporate video company, you’ll likely have a lot of questions. It’s always important to think of any outside creative entity as a team you’re interviewing. The conversation may be more casual (and more fun) than a job interview, but finding the match for you means you’ll have to come prepared. Check out these suggested questions to keep in mind when searching for your creative match.

Why is a corporate video important?

First and foremost, you might want to get this big question off the table. If you aren’t exactly sure why a corporate video is necessary, or your google searches aren’t delivering answers, you should definitely ask the agency you’re looking to work with. Digital storytelling is an art that gives personality and mood to your brand. Consumers are increasingly more drawn to video; having a corporate video that is professionally produced can be utilized for tons of content across channels.

What kinds of videos do you specialize in? 

UniMedia Productions has worked with companies across the board and covering several industries. Our team has the creative fuel to match your dream vision; we love the challenge of making different types of corporate videos for various brands. Not only do we learn new things, but our team challenges themselves by thinking outside the box. If you’ve seen a project you like or were inspired by, bring it to us and let’s discuss making some magic. Choosing a company who doesn’t specialize in a certain area means ideas and results will never be stale. You don’t want a repeat of a competitor in the field, and this question gets that issue out of the way.

Can you share some of your recent work with us?

Always ask for links to a portfolio or even for testimonials when you’re interviewing an agency for a corporate video. As a viewer, you’ll have the ability to see if you connect with the agency’s work or if they aren’t for your brand. UniMedia has featured videos on display that show our team’s range and production value, and if other agencies you’re looking at don’t, that could be a red flag.

Let’s have a conversation

Even if we are the ones that suggested the questions, UniMedia still wants to talk. We’d love the chance to understand your brand and collaborate on a corporate video. Our team is always interested in trying new things and pitching new ideas. We’re excited to hear what potential our partnership may have. Contact us today and we can chat about ways a corporate video can be worked into your digital marketing strategies.