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Bad Company Videos and How They Could Be Better

In our world of social media, companies are constantly looking for new ways to market their products—and using videos as an advertising tool is one of the best ways to do it. According to Forbes, video posts get 1200% more shares than either an image or text! That’s a staggering statistic, and one companies should exploit. But before you do, learn how to make your videos good by watching the bad company videos below and learning from their mistakes.

Bad Company Videos #1: Synaptop

Let’s start with this video from synaptop. Some positives: After watching the video, The viewer understands the product and what it does. The cons: Everything else. The main issue was the acting—it was so awful, it was almost painful to watch. Make sure the actors you have on your video are confident in front of the camera and, most importantly, know how to act. On top of that, provide them with a good script. Synaptop’s script lacked believability and was incredibly cheesy. Another issue was the long, awkward pauses throughout the ad—they were distracting and uncomfortable, and contributed to the ad’s lack of professionalism and polish. Before you put together a video, make sure you hire someone who knows how to edit the video after shooting is done.

Watch movies together (with friends)

Bad Company Videos #2: Ernst & Young

This next video is a perfect example of a company trying to be creative in all the wrong ways. In an attempt to be hip and fun, Ernst & Young created a monster: a four-minute-long video with one very enthusiastic gospel singer and 100 embarrassed, confused employees. If you’re going to make a video about how great your workplace is, make sure the employees featured in the video want to participate. Also make sure your aspect ratio is correct, unlike this video. Instead of having the video in widescreen like the banner on the bottom of the screen, it is in a smaller, square-screen format, which is confusing and jarring to the viewers.

Ernst & Young “Oh Happy Day!” 

Bad Company Videos #3: Wendy’s

In an effort to create a fun training video, Wendy’s created an incredible gimmicky rap about serving drinks. Granted, this was made in the 90s, but the takeaway is the same: funny can quickly become cheesy without the right execution. When you create a video, make sure to have input from other people who can give helpful feedback. Is the message clear? Is it too gimmicky? Is my rapping okay? Now enjoy the breakdown that starts at the 1:01 mark. 

Wendy’s Training Video Cold Drinks

Bad Company Videos #4: Fred & Sharon

We’re going to end with this video from Fred and Sharon. Shockingly, this is not a fake video – Fred and Sharon have their own YouTube channel where they make videos as a side gig. What you should learn from this video is to do the exact opposite of Fred and Sharon; seriously, do absolutely everything the exact opposite. Except maybe the dragon at the end—keep that. 

Who Needs a Movie?

After learning what not to do from these bad company videos, visit UniMedia Productions and let us create a winning video for you. With the right tools and execution, your video can work for you instead of against you, gaining more customers in the process.