Business Intelligence

Transforming data into action


Marketing analytics matter.

We use the following research methods, testing and statistics to analyze the results of your marketing strategy. Then we explain what the results mean and discuss what improvements could be made.
Monthly Reporting

Our monthly reports contain easy-to-understand metrics, which we review with you, regarding your marketing activity and its effectiveness.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics is our choice for advanced website monitoring, but we can provide a simplified analytics dashboard on your site for review at any time.

Advertising Analytics

Online and social media advertising are affordable, effective ways to promote your business. We watch the stats and make changes as necessary to keep them that way.

We know which social media insights are most important for each marketing goal you are trying to achieve, and we'll ensure the numbers are where they should be.

Email Analytics

Open rates and click-through rates show us if your emails are reaching and engaging your target market or adjustments need to be made.

Call Monitoring

Not only can we monitor actual employee calls, we can also tell you where your callers are seeing your phone number right before they contact you.

Website Traffic

We can tell which pages your prospects visited and in what order and use this information to evaluate and improve their user experience.

A/B Testing

With split testing, we can determine how small changes in an email or on a website influences potential customer behavior.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators are based on your business goals and show whether or not these goals are being met.


We build strong relationships and generate positive results.

"Whether it is impeccable camera work on corporate galas, over-the-top custom promotional videos, or coming through with last minute editing projects, I always know I can count on UniMedia to go above and beyond all expectations!"

Thomas Smith | Owner, Innovative Event Services