What Do YouTube Analytics Mean for Your Business?

Creating a YouTube channel is one of the best ways to develop your online brand and build a solid following of potential customers. But how are you going to measure the success of your video marketing strategy? One essential way is to track analytics on your YouTube channel. By knowing which metrics to track and what they mean for your business, you can make your video marketing strategy more refined and tailored to reach your goals.

Why Create a YouTube Channel?

Creating video content is a powerful tool in engaging your audience, building retention of your messaging, and making your brand more tangible. And a great place to start your video marketing strategy is on YouTube.

You’ll be able to generate content that will be easily discoverable by including keyword-rich video descriptions and titles. And the content you post on YouTube will be excellent for sharing on other social media platforms as well as embedding directly on your website.

Plus, It’s a free platform that provides lots of valuable metrics to help you determine how well your videos are performing, giving you clues as to how you can make your future videos better.

YouTube Analytics to Track

Starting with the basics, you can get a lot of insight simply by taking a look at how individual videos are performing. Views are the initial indicator of how good your post is overall, including the quality of your video and how well you did on search engine optimization (SEO). Of course, your subscription numbers and likes and dislikes are other important basic metrics to pay attention to. You can also take a look at watch time to see how long people stayed on the video and if anyone viewed the video more than once.

You can also go beyond views themselves to see how many impressions your video gets. This metric tells you how many people are seeing your video pop up on searches when they scroll through the results. And your click-through rate (CTR) shows you how many people hovered over the thumbnail to get a quick preview of your video.

By measuring these metrics against your number of views, you can get an idea of how well your thumbnails are performing and if there are any changes you should make to get people to view your videos or stay on your videos for longer.

Once you’ve gained a substantial subscriber list and your viewership grows to a decent sample size, you should take a look at your demographics tab. This will be yet another important insight into which buyer personas matter most for your business.

Another important metric to track is where your viewers are coming from. If most of your views are coming from the embedded video on your website, it could indicate that your website’s SEO is doing well but that the YouTube post itself could use some improvement.

All of these analytics are easy to find by using YouTube Studio. By taking advantage of the YouTube platform and keeping a close watch on important metrics, you’ll have a much easier time refining your video marketing strategy to better work for you.