Using Video to Reach Your Employees

Using video is a powerful way to reach your audience through your marketing strategies. But beyond just using videos to generate leads and create conversions, videos can be highly effective for your employees as well. This can be overlooked by many companies who are hyper-focused on growing their sales. But by using the medium of video for your employees, you can end up strengthening your team and bolstering your productivity.

Save Money Through Using Videos

Saving money likely isn’t the first thing that crossed your mind when you thought about using videos internally. After all, don’t videos cost money to produce? Yes, they do. But once you have videos at your disposal for internal use, they can end up saving money in the long run.

When you need to train new employees, introduce new products or services, or provide training for updated processes, this will take time and instruction. Some companies will even hire outside instructors for certain types of training, which can drive costs up to shocking levels. Even if you don’t hire outside instructors, training will require a lot of time out of HR employees and will still end up costing the company money.

This doesn’t mean videos will replace their jobs by any means, it simply frees up time for HR staff to tackle other issues. And while videos won’t 100% replace in-person instruction, they can save plenty of time by getting rid of the need for the instructor to be present throughout the entire training while giving information in a time-efficient manner.

Instruction That Engages

It’s no secret by now that video grabs people’s attention in a way other mediums don’t. The combination of engaging visuals, stimulating audio, and artistic imagination is incredibly powerful and far more enjoyable than hearing someone talk at you or reading a document. For this reason, using video is a win-win scenario for all instances where you need to deliver information to your staff. They are able to receive the information in a relatively short amount of time and they enjoy the process, all while being more likely to retain the information.


Video is an incredibly versatile medium to use for your employees. Not only are there many, many types of videos you can make, but you can use videos for just about any type of information they may end up needing. From onboard training and policy changes to product launches and other sorts of announcements, videos can tell your employees everything they need to know.

Keep Things Simple and Consistent

When you have videos you can use for various tasks, you make life easier for everyone. Life happens. People get sick, go on vacation, or have emergencies they need to attend to, potentially keeping them out of the office at the time trainings are scheduled or announcements are made. However, when you have videos you can email each employee, there is never any reason they won’t be able to get up to speed. And if you end up breaking up training sessions to accommodate people’s schedules, each experience may be different. Using a video ensures everyone got the necessary information and nothing was left out.

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