Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business and Yourself

LinkedIn is the major business-focused social media platform, but it is often overshadowed by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, even when it comes to business owners. However, LinkedIn is a powerful platform to use in the pursuit of growing your business. Here are some of the best ways to leverage this social media platform for your success.

Keep Both of Your Profiles Updated

Of course, the first step in using LinkedIn successfully is making sure you have both a personal and a company profile set up. Keep each profile updated with relevant information in each available section. Having a complete profile makes your page appear more professional and provides valuable information to your readers.

The other reason it is crucial to keep your profile updated is it allows people to find you more effectively. A lot of future work is already done when you fill your profile up using relevant terms that allow you to be easily found. Not only does it make sense to have both a personal and company profile set up, you also gain the advantage of being able to show up in searches as both your company and the business owner, increasing your exposure.

Keep your photos updated to accurately reflect what people can expect to see in person. Plus, people will look twice when they notice something different about your LinkedIn pages, which is what you want.

Stay Engaged

If you’re going to stand out on LinkedIn, the best strategy is to keep showing up in people’s notifications and news feeds. Keep making connections and visit LinkedIn often to share relevant content or post content of your own. Like and comment on other people’s posts to keep your connections meaningful and to continue to reiterate your presence.

Use LinkedIn Groups

Using the Groups feature, you can join forums on LinkedIn with members who share the same business interests. This platform allows for more meaningful discussion and idea sharing between users without the clutter of the main news feed.

By joining groups and participating regularly, you can stand out as an industry expert while gaining more powerful exposure. Plus, you have the opportunity to leave a signature at the end of your posts with your business information for some free promotion. To gain even more credibility and authority on LinkedIn, start a group of your own.

Use the Company Buzz App

Using the LinkedIn app, Company Buzz, you can keep track of any mentions of your company on both LinkedIn and Twitter. By having this updated information at your disposal, you can address any PR concerns quickly, see where your exposure is most effective, and strategize for gaps in your exposure.

By taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer, you can successfully grow your network and gain exposure that will aid your company’s growth.

Photo credit: Chinnapong – Adobe Stock