The Best Places to Use Corporate Videos

Now that you have a collection of professional and polished corporate videos, you may be wondering where to use them. There are so many different placement options for your video, both online and in real life.

Here are some potential places for your business’s corporate videos.

Use Corporate Videos on Your Website

Your website’s homepage is like your business’s front door. Placing a video that explains who you are and what your business’s mission is makes a great first impression and tells the visitor everything they need to know. You don’t just have to place an explainer video on your homepage. It’s also a great place to put a video highlighting a new product or promotion to immediately catch your visitor’s attention.

Lobby Screens

Compliment your waiting area space with a compelling corporate video. The best kinds of videos for these spaces are customer or employee profiles, the history of your business, or your corporate mission. Think as if everyone who is entering your lobby is doing so for the first time. What kind of information do you want them to know? How would you like to make them feel? 

Something else to keep in mind is the general flow of your lobby. If most people are typically only in the lobby for a few minutes, it’s best to keep the video that’s on a loop short. Also, consider having weather or traffic reports interspersed between each loop. Even the most compelling corporate videos can get stale if they’re played on a cycle day in and day out.

Company Videos on Social Media

In the world of social media, content is king. Highly shareable videos offering an inside look at a company’s culture, promotions, or stories do exceptionally well. On your digital media platforms, post your corporate videos that are shorter in  length and speak directly to your customersThe types of videos that do the best on these platforms are event lead-ups or recaps, thank you videos, employee highlights, and new product announcements. Platforms like Tiktok and Instagram Reels are custom-tailored to deliver small bites of content to a wide variety of audiences.

Hiring Platforms

Recruiters report a 34% higher application rate on job listings that feature a recruiting video. Videos discussing company culture, answering potential applicant questions, and an overview of the positions for hire receive higher hits than listings without any form of video.

Paid Video Services

There are hundreds of paid video services out there to fit whatever niche your business is hoping to occupy. For these platforms, it’s best to use your longer length or in-depth corporate videos. Video platforms like Vimeo allow you to choose who gets to watch certain videos, which makes it perfect for posting internal company videos or employees’ onboarding and training materials. 

If your company is still looking to produce the perfect corporate video to place on one of these platforms or if you want further assistance in finding the perfect, high-impact placement for your video, our team at UniMeda Productions can assist your business.