Pitching a Project or Product Through Video

Every marketing strategy benefits from using a variety of media to get their message out there. From written word to engaging visuals, there are many ways to get people to pay attention to your messaging and to take action. One of the most vital ingredients to an effective marketing strategy is using video.

Engage Your Audience

Ever since Thomas Edison invented the motion picture, the medium of video has stood out as a powerful way to grab people’s attention. The reason is simple: Visual perception is the most powerful sense when it comes to gaining and keeping attention. Humans naturally stay focused on motion, so creating a visual story to get your marketing message across will allow potential customers to interact with your website longer and create a deeper connection to your products or services.

Create Human Connection

Using video also provides an ideal opportunity to put a face to the product or service. Simply displaying visuals of people interacting with your product or service gives viewers a chance to see how they can benefit or what can be gained by choosing whatever it is you have to offer. It also makes your business seem more approachable since they are more clearly able to picture themselves becoming a customer.

Another great opportunity created by using video is the ability to introduce yourself to potential customers. When consumers interact with your company online, whether it’s through your website or social media pages, there is always a sense of detachment that may feed any apprehension they could be feeling about choosing your company.

By using videos that introduce members of your team or the CEO, you can get rid of some of this detached feeling. People naturally feel more at ease when they have a human face and a voice to connect with, so getting a glimpse of the people who run the show can be a powerful way to build trust.

Save Time for the Viewer

The most effective videos for marketing are short, typically in the neighborhood of a couple minutes. This length still gives you plenty of time to give your audience a lot of information. Using written content absolutely has its uses, but you can communicate a lot more through video in a shorter amount of time.

The short timeframe also forces you to be more concise with your messaging and encourages you to stick with words and phrases that have a natural flow when spoken and are easily digestible. Using a combination of both allows you to inject emotion and passion into the messaging while reinforcing it with extra clarity.

Choosing a Good Video Producer

When you want to create quality videos to add to your marketing collateral, you will want to turn to professionals who know how to effectively collaborate and go above and beyond expectations. Clear communication about what you want to get across to viewers and about the strategy and progress of the video’s production is also key to creating successful video campaigns.

At Unimedia, you can trust us to go the extra mile when it comes to creating engaging visuals and using expert editing techniques to deliver a final product that will effectively deliver your message and convert leads into customers.