How to Use Blogging to Bury Your Competitors

Having an online presence as a business continues to grow in importance, and the internet is becoming more crowded every day with content from competing companies. This cutthroat atmosphere means that more than ever, you need an intentional content strategy to bury your competition and push yourself towards the top. One of the most effective methods for achieving this goal is using your blog.

Using Your Blog to Drive Web Traffic

Your company’s website should include a blog with topics relevant to your target audience. When you publish blog posts on your website, you are able to provide free value to your readers that they can digest and benefit from. These blogs don’t replace your services, but rather act as a bridge between your potential customers and what you have to offer. When you make your blog as relevant as possible using targeted keywords, you also guide readers to your website. This combination of directing traffic to your website and building credibility and trust through your content is a powerful way to turn leads into clients.

Be Precise and Original

When optimizing your blog for search engines, otherwise known as “SEO,” take time to research keywords that will be most relevant for your specific audience. There are many ways you can conduct this research, including simply typing words in search engines to see what predictive text pops up in relation to the services you offer.

For more precision, use tools such as Google Trends, a free search feature that gives you an inside look into what words or phrases are currently trending that pertain to your products or services. This can help you come up with topics that will appeal to your target audience while helping you show up towards the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

For even more precision, use tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which will give you detailed insights into specific keywords you can include in the content that offer the best balance of actual search numbers and competition volume.

When you actually get to writing your blog content, focus on quality, original content. People will grow tired quickly of seeing blog posts that have no original insights to offer and seem to be copied and pasted from other blogs on the same results page. To stand out from the crowd, your content needs to reflect your unique brand and voice and convey a sense of value only your business can offer. Plus, original content is favored by most search engine algorithms over recycled content, giving you an edge over your competition.

Be Consistent

Websites that become stagnant are destined to fall lower into the results pages on search engines. If your aren’t updating your blog on a consistent basis, it can be easy for your website to sink into the dreaded abyss of the second and third pages of search engine results. Conversely, posting on a regular schedule sets you up to send your competitors further down and yourself closer to the top. You can use tools to help you out with this, such as the WordPress Editorial Calendar.

To achieve the right balance for your business, start slow by setting up your schedule to post a blog once per week. As you generate more content and feel you have what it takes to increase your frequency, bump your posts up to twice per week. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to post a bunch of blogs in one week and then go silent the next week.

As your blog continues to grow, you can use tools such as Google Analytics to track how well your blog is performing in terms of driving web traffic to your website. As you put these strategies into business and refine your methods based on your insights, you will be well on your way to experiencing the growth you are looking for.

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