How to Be Confident on Camera for Company Videos

Beyond the simple fact that creating well-produced videos sounds intimidating, the idea of appearing on camera isn’t exactly in everyone’s comfort zone. But as you venture into your new video marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for being on camera and to start building your camera skills.

If you’re willing to introduce yourself to your consumer base, it will provide a much more personal touch to your videos and create a deeper connection between your brand and your audience. Here’s how to appear confident and composed in your company videos.

Practice… and Practice Again

Sure, this one’s a bit cliched, but people far too often think they can wing it. But when the little red light pops up on the camera and it’s time to begin, the nerves can kick in very quickly. Taking the time to practice your lines and your delivery to the point where you’re just about sick of it will allow you to complete your recording with confidence.

Depending on where your video will be set, it will also help to practice at the location you’ll be shooting. For example, if you’re creating a video introducing consumers to your place of business, it would make sense to practice your lines on location to get an accurate idea of what the shoot day will feel like.

Be Mindful of Pacing

When it comes time to record, it can be easy for the adrenaline to cause you to rush your lines. If you’re particularly nervous about being on camera, this is a result of your flight response wanting to get out of the situation faster. And from a viewer’s perspective, fast-paced talking automatically makes audiences nervous since they can perceive your anxiety on-screen.

Remember to breathe and pay close attention to how quickly you’re delivering your lines. By focusing on natural pacing, you’ll appear far more confident in your video.

Be Yourself

If you’re appearing on camera to connect to your audience, then you’ll want to express your genuine self in your video. Not only does this help you more authentically show who you are to your consumer base, it also takes some pressure off of you to try to act a certain way or be overly animated when it’s not in your nature.

Don’t Do Too Many Takes

Sure, getting more takes gives you more options to choose from, but it can also cause your nerves to build up even more. Plan on doing three or four takes at most. Again, practice and do a run-through before the cameras are rolling to make sure everything is fresh in your mind when it matters.

Be sure the set is ready to go and the lighting is right before doing any takes to ensure you don’t have to do retakes due to technical issues.

At the end of the day, you should also focus on getting excited about your campaign. Odds are, what you’ll be talking about is what you’re passionate about. So by focusing on being genuine and preparing carefully, you should have nothing to worry about when your shoot day arrives.