Benefits of Live Streaming Video About Your Business

Your video marketing strategy doesn’t have to be entirely made up of edited videos with polished production qualities. One tool you can add to your social media and video marketing strategies is live video streaming. By making a habit of going live, you can better leverage your social media presence for increased engagement and more conversions.

Live Streaming Is More Personal

One of the advantages of video over text or static images is you can create marketing materials that feel more personal and less distant. But having a polished video with cuts, filters, or added text still has a layer of disconnect to it.

On the other hand, live streaming is purely about connecting with your audience by creating a space for conversation. When you go live, there’s no expectation of a script, music, or any sort of cohesive narrative. You can simply be yourself and connect with your consumer base. People who tune in can ask questions in the chat as well, giving you opportunities to directly address people’s concerns and curiosities in real-time.

Social Media Algorithms Prioritize Live Videos

When you make a post on one of your social media pages, whether it’s a video, announcement, or photo, your followers won’t necessarily get a notification. But since social media platforms are designed with the understanding that live videos are designed to be engaged in real-time, going live will send a notification to your followers.

This is a great way to make your account something that regularly appears on people’s devices even if they haven’t been very engaged with your pages. On Facebook, you can even send out a notification of when your followers can expect you to go live. Just be sure not to overdo it to the point where your followers are sick of seeing your notifications.

High Conversion Rate

When you get people tuning in to your live stream, you’re getting leads and current customers who are the most interested in what it is you have to say. Because of this, you can expect a significantly higher conversion rate from live videos compared to other forms of media you put out there.

Don’t be afraid to push promotions, encourage followers to sign up for your newsletter, and to include other calls to action (CTAs) for desirable conversions for your business at some point during the stream. With the kind of audience you’ll have tuning in, you can expect great results.

Wide Range of Possibilities

Live streaming gives you opportunities to get creative with how you promote your business without having to spend a lot of money producing a high-quality video. Most modern phones will more than suffice when it comes to video quality, allowing you to simply get creative with how you want to engage your audience. Live videos allow you to provide detailed product demos, business tours, Q&As, and much more.

By taking advantage of how social media algorithms prioritize live videos and the personal impact live streams offer, you can create a stronger brand and drive conversions.