When to Use Drone Footage in Your Video Production

Aerial footage is becoming more and more popular as drone cameras become more accessible to the public. This innovative step forward in video production gives you the power to get some incredible shots to use for your video marketing campaigns. But what sorts of situations call for drone footage? Nature-Focused Videos If your business is…

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How One Shoot Can Yield Dozens of Videos for Your Marketing Campaigns

How One Shoot Can Yield Dozens of Marketing Campaign Videos

If you’re going to optimize your ROI from your marketing campaign videos, you will need to find ways to improve your efficiency. If you can boost your content deliverables from a single day of shooting, you’ll drastically improve your returns from your overall video production efforts. Now, this obviously isn’t going to apply to every…

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6 Mistakes People Make When Creating Videos for Their Website

Avoid these video mistakes when creating content for your website

In today’s marketing landscape, video is the way to many consumers’ hearts. But simply deciding to add video marketing to your strategy isn’t going to bring a fresh wave of revenue to your business. The internet is filled with poorly-made marketing videos that render little to no results. Here are some common video marketing mistakes…

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The 5 Types of Videos Corporations Must Have to Compete in 2020

Given the growing importance of digital communications and the increasing value of video marketing, your company will need to prioritize creating video content to remain competitive in today’s market. By focusing on the following types of videos for corporations, you can keep your business competitive in 2020. Training Videos Videos made for internal purposes have…

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