How One Shoot Can Yield Dozens of Videos for Your Marketing Campaigns

If you’re going to optimize your ROI from your marketing campaign videos, you will need to find ways to improve your efficiency. If you can boost your content deliverables from a single day of shooting, you’ll drastically improve your returns from your overall video production efforts.

Now, this obviously isn’t going to apply to every kind of video. If you’re shooting a commercial that will go on TV, you may end up using multiple days of shooting for one final product. But for other marketing channels, you can end up with multiple pieces of high-quality video content you can continue to use. Here’s how you can make one video shoot yield dozens of videos for your marketing campaigns.

Plan Ahead

The last thing you want to do is try to patch a bunch of unused footage together in an attempt to push out more content on your Youtube channel. Go into your video shoot with a solid plan for how you intend to use the footage you shoot in the future. Come up with multiple scripts based on the final products you want to put together.

This type of scenario is best if you’re creating a series with a consistent look and tone. For instance, if you own a coffee business, you could create a series of videos to release on your social media pages on how to brew coffee in different ways. This type of staging, which could very likely be inside the coffee shop after hours, would also be a good setup if you wanted to spotlight different types of coffee. This way, you get multiple series out of one shoot.

Rehearse Ahead of Time

All of your plans to generate lots of video content out of a single shoot could be in vain if you have to shoot a bunch of takes because people couldn’t remember their lines or were visibly uncomfortable on camera. To maximize your video output from your video shoot, be sure to rehearse in advance so you get the footage you want in as few takes as possible.

Ask for B-Roll Footage

When you are at your video shoot, ask to have some B-roll shot so you can have footage to use for other purposes. For instance, if you own a wellness clinic and are working on a series about the benefits of different vitamins and minerals, you could also capture some footage of the clinic and your team to use in a general introduction or office tour video.

Choose a Team of Professionals

No matter how well you plan or how much you rehearse, if you do the shoot yourself or hire inexperienced videographers, you could end up wasting time as you try to get the lighting right, run into issues with your camera, or struggle to set up your mics. When you hire a professional video marketing agency, they’ll know just how to make the most of your time on set. So rather than taking up precious time figuring things out on the fly, you’ll have a team of experts on your side who can help you produce lots of great content from one shoot.