When to Use Drone Footage in Your Video Production

Aerial footage is becoming more and more popular as drone cameras become more accessible to the public. This innovative step forward in video production gives you the power to get some incredible shots to use for your video marketing campaigns. But what sorts of situations call for drone footage?

Nature-Focused Videos

If your business is focused on nature in any way, using drones to get shots of sweeping mountain views, forest canopies, and rushing rivers will give you some exciting footage to use in your videos. Perhaps you run a travel agency and want to showcase natural escapes near a popular travel destination. Using a drone will be perfect for showing off the views. If your business sells camping equipment, you could use a drone to promote how your products help people escape into the wilderness.

Drone Footage Is Perfect for Action Shots

Perhaps you want your viewers to feel like they’re in the middle of the action. Drone footage can be a great way to get effective action shots. Maybe you sell mountain bikes and want to create a video showing your bikes being tested to their limits on a professional course. You could use drones to get some exciting overhead footage of a rider tearing through the course. You could even get some artistic shots looking down through the trees as a rider pedals through a forest.

The unique angles afforded by drones allow you to get some shots that look like they belong in a Hollywood action flick if you use creativity and choose professionals experienced with drones.

Large Events

Obviously, this one may have to wait until the pandemic subsides, but using drones is a great way to show off the success of an event. When you fly overhead with a drone, you can get sweeping shots of large crowds enjoying a festival, farmer’s market, or concert. These sorts of shots are also great for city tourism agencies who want to promote a bustling street in the heart of their city’s downtown. Of course, if your business organizes large events, drone shots of big crowds will be essential for your marketing videos.

Highlighting Your Place of Business

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider making a video of your company. For one, it’s a great way to give consumers a behind-the-scenes look at your business, which is a sign of transparency. If you have a business like a car dealership, hotel, or theme park, drone shots give your customers a dramatic birds-eye view. These types of drone shots are perfect for establishing the scope of the customer experience and are effective at generating hype for your place of business. Drones can also be used to capture indoor footage, especially in a wide-open space like an assembly line or warehouse.

This type of footage can be used for recruiting videos for potential employees and training videos for new staff. By showing off the company headquarters, you can build excitement about working at your company.

When you get help from an experienced video production agency to gather drone footage, you can make your video campaigns memorable and effective.