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Why UniMedia?

For over over 15 years, high performing companies have trusted us tell thier story

A website is just another tool to tell your story. We believe its one of the most critical components to a successfully marketing strategy. UniMedia creates great brand identities, gets those brands discovered online and turns those prospects into leads, and helps you turn those leads into customers. Let's make sure your website supports your strategy.

Small business is war.
Are you a Warrior?

Is your website the weakest link?

We all know the statistics and the stakes couldn't be higher. Every component of your business must be great to survive and thrive in the current environment. And we only work with warriors. If you are ready to do what it takes to stand out among your competition let UniMedia build the the best website in Charleston SC.






Frequently Asked Questions

Your website is your virtual salesperson, providing information to prospects and encouraging them to check out the products or services you offer. We'll create and maintain a website that does the selling for you until a prospect is ready to connect in person.
Visual Appeal

Enticing layouts with quality graphics and the perfect blend of content and white space provided by our in-house web designers make your site pleasant to look at, making for a positive user experience.

User Experience (UX)

Say goodbye to confusing menus, cluttered layouts, and pages that never open. We will provide the best experience possible for your visitors so they will want to stay and explore everything you have to offer.

Mobile First

With the majority of website visitors using cell phones, and Google penalizing non-mobile-friendly sites, you can rest assured every webpage we create or revise is optimized for mobile viewing.


Our professional copywriters will write content specifically for your site, providing just the right amount of keywords to be found by search engines without affecting the quality of the information.


A website should never be set in stone. Instead, it needs to be reviewed and improved regularly by ensuring all links are working, refreshing content, and tweaking meta descriptions and SEO titles.

Security (SSL)

We provide secure websites for all of our clients, allowing their customers to submit information to them through the site without having to worry about the security of this information.

100% Ownership

If we design a website for you, it belongs to you. We would never ask our clients to sign a lengthy hosting contract or penalize them for wanting to make changes to their site like other marketing companies do.


Using WordPress gives us the power to make your website do anything you want it to, while still allowing you to make changes on a regular basis - no complicated functions or coding required.

We'll use the power of proven SEO tactics, including keywords and phrases, optimal site speed, well-written meta titles and descriptions, and quality content to bring prospects to your site.

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