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No Sales Call Guarantee

99% of "strategy calls" are just a bait and switch. They are really just sales calls in disguise. We have all been stuck on one of those. We know they're painful. That's why we guarantee we won't try to sell you anything during your session.

Before the call ever takes place, we will spend 1-2 hours researching your company's digital presence and analyzing the info we gather. Then, we will meet with you to discuss our findings. We'll ask you questions about YOUR business, to gather more info, and then create a strategy report to present to you if you want one.

The first time you will hear us talk about ourselvesunless you ask, of courseis at the end of the strategy presentation when we ask if you are interested in an optional 2nd meeting. By then, we will have spent about 5 hours working for you for FREE.

We really want to help businesses grow, and we take our commitment to that cause very seriously. Only 4 sessions per month are available because of the time commitment on our part, so request your session today if you are interested.

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