YouTube Advertising Management




• Budget adjustments – ensuring monthly ad spend aligns with defined budgets
• Bid adjustments – applying percentage-based bids to targeting segments
• Bid strategies – layering automated algorithms and manual edits in campaigns
• Targeting updates – narrowing, segmenting, or expanding campaign reach
• Competitor research – comparing ad copy across the industry vertical
• Conversion tracking – properly configuring the conversion actions
• Remarketing audiences – developing lists of recent and engaged site visitors
• Ad split-testing – creating and updating 2+ ads in each ad group / set
• Resolve disapprovals – fixing issues related to ad copy or campaigns
• Monthly updates – sharing key trends and recent activity (1x per month)
• Call tracking & recording – integrating tracked phone numbers on landing pages
• Keyword research/targeting – creating lists of relevant keywords
• Negative keyword lists – creating lists of negative keywords

Note: Client will pay ad platforms directly for ad buys