Writing the Perfect Email Newsletter

If you’re aiming for more conversions through your email marketing strategy, you’ll want to make email newsletters a consistent practice. Rather than bluntly being a promotion to buy a product or subscribe to a service, newsletters offer a storytelling format that is more enjoyable to readers. Nailing your email newsletter strategy depends on putting the right elements together.

Start with a Goal

When it comes to starting any new aspect of your marketing strategy, you should clearly lay out a goal to achieve. Is there a product or service you want to sell more of? Is there a demographic you want to grow in? Are you trying to get more followers on a specific social media platform? Tailor your content and your strategy around a specific goal.

Make Your Content Relevant

As with promotional emails, your emails should target the right readers. Using analytics from your customer relationship management software (CRM), segment contacts into lists based on how you got the email address. You should have some emails for general audiences, such as major updates in your business, and other newsletters that are more relevant to a specific type of product the contact expressed interest in.

Keep your Content Engaging

Many businesses make the mistake of sending out low-quality emails frequently to increase clicks to their website. However, if the recipient just gets low-quality content in their inbox every day, they’ll likely hit “unsubscribe.” If you send out newsletters only to turn your warm leads cold again, you’re just hurting your business.

Make Your Subject Lines Compelling

Ah, the age-old challenge of email marketing: getting recipients to open. It all starts with a good subject line. When you can create a sense of urgency, tap into the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out), or generate curiosity in the reader, you’re more likely to get them to open it. You’ll also want to keep your subject line between 5 and 10 words to leave room for high-quality preview text.

Start the Content Strong

Take extra time to make sure the preview line in your email is strong. This is your chance to give your readers a taste of what you have to say without the pressure of opening up the email first. If your first line creates even more curiosity, you’re more likely to earn an open.

Keep Your Copy Focused

Getting someone to open up an email is hard enough, so the last thing you want to do is punish them with lengthy paragraphs to read. Keep your newsletter short and focused, including only a few paragraphs that each contain a couple sentences. The reader should be able to finish reading it quickly and feel they gained some value from taking the time to read it.

Include CTAs and Links

To avoid “offer fatigue” only include one or two calls to action (CTAs), but make them count. Include clickable links that take your readers to valuable parts on your website where you want to increase conversions.

If you include all of these elements in your newsletter email strategy, you can expect great conversion rates to follow.