_ Reasons Architects Should Use Email Marketing

Why Architects Should Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must, plain and simple. Every business should be utilizing this resource to stay top-of-mind with their leads. The architecture industry is no exception, and perhaps may be one of the better fits for the marketing tool. As the world has moved (practically) completely online, how do you network and where do you snag new clients? 

Email marketing has remained a mainstay in many marketing strategies, and it’s a key complementary component to your other efforts. The communication form is passive, but gives you the opportunity to stand out. You won’t always get engagement, but you’ll be able to better qualify leads and tweak your messaging. Let’s check out how the architecture industry can ease into email marketing and what kind of campaigns will work.

Why Email Marketing Works for Architects

We all have gotten the floods of emails in our inbox that turn us away from email marketing entirely. They’re annoying, sometimes pushy, and they never.stop.coming. Here’s a better blueprint of why it all works (pun intended). Here are the main points of what email marketing will do for your architecture firm.

  • If they have given you their email address, they are already a warm lead. Architecture isn’t the same as a grocery store giving out coupons; these people wouldn’t sign up if there wasn’t some interest there. However, this interest can wan quickly if it isn’t nurtured properly. 
  • Do you know where to find new clients or how to tap into new markets? If not, it’s likely you don’t know where you’d target your online ads. Email marketing is more direct and easily measurable, and you won’t waste money sending a campaign out into the online ether.
  • It’s all about the leads: hot, cold, or just right. You can tweak your email campaigns and test out different messaging with different lead types, helping you better understand how to get them sold on your firm. You’ll stay on top of your leads and have them organized as well as have an easy avenue for contact.
  • You’ll have the ability to give a little poke to past clients. These “remember us” emails often attract repeat business and remind the customer that they were satisfied with your work. If they like the content and messaging of your email, they might share it with potential referrals to give them a nudge in your direction.
  • Content can be whatever you want (within reason) and you’ll be able to test messaging with different client lists based on their particular interests. One campaign could be focused on showing your expertise in the field or highlighting a past project. Another could speak to your current clients about FAQs or a new referral program.

Design and Development

A Hubspot report stated 86% of people prefer email over social media when it comes to professional conversation. Everyone has email, but some people choose not to be present on social media, so your client pool can be contacted no matter what. Your team can work with UniMedia to develop customized messaging that you control. Whether it’s a newsletter or promotion, you’ll have a say in how we develop your messaging and if it works with your brand.

Our team of copywriters and marketing professionals know what it takes to get an open, and even more close a sale. We craft messaging that resonates with your audience and is relevant in your industry, and our analysts have the ability to find what is working best. UniMedia knows how to use email for engagement, communication and sales.

Tapping into our lead generation and monthly reporting services are the best way to ensure you’re getting the ROI you’re looking for in your marketing dollars. We know your creative yet analytical mind can get behind this type of marketing strategy: tweaking a concept and getting results. Another key benefit of using email marketing is it can give incredible insight into which content is performing and what no one is even bothering to open. This makes the tool extremely cost-effective and a resource that can test your messaging for other channels.

Let’s Draft Something Today

Contact our team to get started on your email marketing endeavor today. We’re excited to join forces with architects who want to bring their firms into the future. Check out some of UniMedia’s other services as well to see if they fit in your marketing blueprint.