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Video Terms to Know for Corporate Videos

Understanding terminology for corporate videos can seem like a daunting task. You want to know how to best work with your agency and not feel like an outsider. There is certainly a long list of lingo to familiarize yourself with, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. UniMedia wants to always be as transparent as possible with our clients, and that means bringing them into our process. This is truly a collaborative effort and your corporate video is ultimately yours in the end. Once you have a handle on basic terminology, you’ll be better able to communicate edits needed as well as what outside vendors might need from your video. Here’s our A to Z  list of top video terms to get a grip on.

Audio/Visual Script

A two-column screenplay that includes video description on the left and audio description on the right. This is utilized not only in corporate videos, but also for advertising purposes, documentaries, and training videos. 

B-Roll Coverage

Relevant footage used to accompany voice-over


An abbreviation for “Computer Generated Image”


Conversation that occurs between parties in the video, usually already put into a script but other times an adlib speech

EXT. – Exterior



Abbreviation for foreground vs. background imagery

Gigabyte (GB)

A multiple of the unit byte used to measure digital information (equal to 1,000 megabytes (MB)

Harmonic Distortion

Refers to the acoustics of sound recorded that occurs from unwanted changes between input/output

INT. – Interior



An editing technique where the viewer sees an obvious advance in time


An object that has a reflection from another object

Library Shot

The footage or video equivalent to a stock photo


Arranging a general idea or theme through the use of several short shots


Abbreviation for the National Television Standards Committee, which sets format standards for the FCC


Abbreviation for Off Screen, meaning the speaker is not within the scene but can be heard


A film technique where a camera, held on a fixed axis, moves left-to-right or right-to-left 

Room Tone

A term that denotes the noise of a room during production; a standard for measuring audial continuity

Slug – Name of Story

Alternative term for Scene Heading 


The call to action in a script that refers to the way editing will be utilized to tell the story (example: DISSOLVE TO) 


Emotional or mood-setting music to complement the footage or dialogue on screen


Abbreviation for Voice Over, otherwise known as narration.

Wild Track

Pieces of audio that aren’t recorded in sync with the picture  


A sound connector with three pins and an outer shell to protect and secure the connectors


A film technique where the imagery quickly grows or shrinks as the camera moves towards or away from the subject

UniMedia and You: Let’s Work and Learn Together

Our team takes pride in knowing that our clients are never in the dark. We strive to make conversations as open as possible and enjoy learning alongside our clients. Our hope is you’ll feel comfortable and confident throughout the corporate video process. You’re letting us into your world, so we want to let you inside of ours. Try throwing around some of these terms with your creative friends and see how they react. Our guess is they’ll be nothing but impressed. Want to keep learning? Check out this post on Video Production Basics. Then you’ll really be a pro.