Using Video Within Your Company to Improve Productivity

There’s a very good reason that the invention of video made such a huge splash right away and continues to be a highly demanded form of content. We’d be willing to bet you’d choose watching a video over reading an article when presented with the choice. While many companies often instinctively think of marketing when they think of using video, there are plenty of ways using video within your company can lead to further success.

Improve Your Employee Training

There’s a lot to be said about having hands-on training from an instructor, and the value of this method likely won’t go away entirely. However, you can dramatically improve engagement and information retention when you also include video in your employee training as opposed to completing a powerpoint presentation or reading an instruction manual. Again, you probably shouldn’t throw those options out entirely, but by using video, you improve the chances your workers will engage in training materials and remember important points when they need to.

Reduce the Cost of Training

When you completely rely on instructor training and physical training materials, you will end up driving up the cost it takes to train each new employee. Constantly having to have a manager busy training new workers can take away from completing other tasks throughout the workweek, diminishing your productivity. And if you are constantly printing off training materials, this cost will also add up. While producing a video will be an expense upfront, it will cost you nothing to play the video time after time with each new employee. Plus, you’ll be able to stay focused on getting work taken care of rather than using so many paid business hours training in-person.

Reduce Your Need to Issue Worker’s Comp

If time on the job at your business has some inherent risk to it, such as working in a warehouse, using video during your onboarding process can be especially valuable. For one, since using video is known to increase engagement and retention, you will have a lower chance that your employees will get injured on the job. As a result of this, not only will you have a safer workplace, you will also save money due to fewer instances of having to issue worker’s comp due to employee injury.

Another beneficial aspect of using video to highlight important safety practices at your company is the reduced risk of getting sued for workplace injury on the basis of inadequate safety procedures. If you have videos you use for safety training, you have proof of standardized safety procedures that the employee should have followed, helping you avoid fault.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Having employees quit or get fired on a regular basis is not only costly, but it severely diminishes your ability to be productive and succeed at what you do. Having standardized trainings in the form of video will ensure each employee is put in a better position to succeed at their job, which in turn helps your company succeed.