Using Recruiting Videos to Hire the Best New Employees

Video is especially effective at storytelling, which is why it’s so valuable in advertising. The same goes for recruiting talent, because video brings elements to life much better than a written job description or words on a screen.

According to the latest statistics, job listings with videos get 34% more applications than listings without (CareerBuilder), and best-in-class companies are 61% more likely to use video tools to interview and hire candidates compared to other companies (Aberdeen).

Creating an exciting or engaging recruitment video isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are plenty of great examples online you can use for inspiration. Check out DropBox’s unique approach to the “employee interview” or how McDonald’s uses video to appeal to their core audience of teenagers and young adults.

If your organization is looking for a way to rev up its recruiting and improve candidate quality while increasing your return on investment (ROI), it may be time to consider incorporating video into your recruiting and hiring processes. Here are a few ways in which recruiting videos can help you attract the best talent for your organization:

Enhance Your Visibility

When interested candidates visit your career site, they want to learn more about your organization and what it’s like to work there. With video, you can weave a compelling story that quickly highlights your company culture and values, shares employee testimonials and showcases the unique benefits your organization offers. You can even tailor videos for specific departments or positions and demonstrate a “day in the life” of a typical employee or have employees talk about the exciting projects or initiatives they work on.

These types of videos really resonate with candidates, compelling them to apply when they feel it’s a right fit. Job postings that include video are 53 times more likely than text pages to show up in a job seeker’s search results (

Strengthen Your Candidate Communications

Integrating video into your hiring process will help your organization stand out while improving communication and better explaining company expectations to potential new hires. Whether you include a brief message from your CEO or a quick video that explains the next steps in the hiring process, embedding video within an email helps you create an even more engaging experience for your candidate.

Meet Candidates Where They Are

Sharing employment videos on platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will greatly increase your potential reach for qualified candidates. People always want to share funny, heartwarming or entertaining videos with their peers, and the same goes with recruiting videos, especially if they know someone who may be looking for a job or a career change. By making it easy for viewers to share videos with their peers, you can easily extend your reach across multiple social networks.

A recruitment video can be the single most powerful tool that helps set your company apart and demonstrates why your company is a great place to work. Hiring a skilled video production team will allow you to create a compelling, cohesive story that resonates with the right people.