Using Pinterest to Market Your Business

Every good business owner knows how valuable successful social media marketing is when it comes to growing their sales. However, one major social media platform that tends to get overlooked is Pinterest. This social media platform isn’t used by businesses to the same extent as other major social media sites, yet it is one of the most powerful tools you can use to drive more sales.

Why Pinterest Is Important for Marketing

Even though Pinterest has fewer monthly users than other social media giants, the primary reasons people use Pinterest make it incredibly valuable for businesses. Whereas people primarily go to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to engage with other users, people go to Pinterest specifically to find inspiration and discover new products. Pinterest is second only to Facebook when it comes to social media sites that influence buyer decision-making. So what Pinterest lacks in volume, it makes up for in purpose.

Setting up Your Pinterest Account

Set up your Pinterest account as a business profile to give yourself access to important analytics and to use the advertising functions available through Pinterest. You can choose which category your business falls into and customize your profile to attract new visitors.

Create Boards and Start Pinning

To make your Pinterest page effective, you’ll need to start engaging with the major functions of the platform. Create different boards based on various elements of your company and start pinning visual content to the board that is the best match. The recommended frequency for pinning is about once per day, so don’t feel any rush to fill your boards with content. After a short amount of time, your Pinterest page will be filled with great content users love!

Obviously, Pinterest is a highly visual medium, perhaps even more so than Instagram. Make sure your imagery is high-quality and attention-grabbing to increase the likelihood that people will stop and pin your content over other people’s content. That being said, you can’t ignore using words. By taking your time to carefully author compelling descriptions with appropriate keyword usage, you will increase the chances people will both find your pins and act on them.

Be sure to also add the “save” button function to your website on strong visual ecommerce materials so people can pin your content with one click.

Using Promoted Pins

Using the organic functions of Pinterest offers a high potential for sales growth as it is, but you can also see great returns when you use promoted pins on your business profile. On average, promoted pins earn $2 back for every $1 spent, making it a promising tool if used right. It works similarly to other pay-per-click (PPC) ad platforms. You can bid on how your promoted pin will be targeted, which is based on user searches, people who have visited your website, and demographics. Then it can show up directly in people’s feeds or in the search results section where it can easily be found.

Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your sales by strategically using Pinterest for your business. It may seem like a forgotten social media platform, but using it right can prove to be a valuable asset for your company’s growth.

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