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Using Company Videos to Connect with New Audiences

Younger audiences have seen a major shift in how they consume information. Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more media has been consumed by video, research shows. With this in mind, marketers have found that businesses have grown 49% faster than companies without a video strategy. Creating corporate or company videos and following analytics provide some much needed insight into how your audiences are responding to your brand. Once you have your analytics and enough videos to determine your highest and least performing content, you can adjust your video strategy toward growth and grow your brand alongside your online presence.

Using Analytics on Company Videos

Whether your media is on Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, or Instagram, most social platforms provide analytics that are useful to your brand. If you have a wide variety of content, there is bulk analytic data available for some platforms, whereas some are more individual. One tip to consider if your resources are limited is to start with the highest viewed content. Though more specific data is more revelatory, it’s important to know first which content is being seen by more potential clients. From there, you can export the data for deeper observation. 

Methods for Gauging Success

The typical method is to use viewership count as a metric of success. If you’re using social media, comparing your follower count and comparative post engagement is a good way to see if your company videos are reaching a wider audience. The general principle here is to have more views per video than your total follower count. Youtube is typically the same, but it’s easier to get more viewers than subscribers on such a platform. The more this ratio is analyzed, the easier it is to tell which content is resonating with potential clients.

Assessing Trajectory and Making a Plan

Once you analyze your data and assess which videos are outperforming others, it’s possible to determine a niche that is best for you. Once a niche is discovered, you may decide to stick to this type of content, or use other well-performing videos to take your brand in a different direction. 

Another option once data is compiled is to reinvent your brand through video. As stated earlier, most of how people perceive a company is through their company video. Restructuring your company’s image by creating different types of content can allow you to connect with different audiences.

Video marketing is rapidly expanding brand exposure. More companies than ever are utilizing this highly effective method for communicating their products and services. It’s important to understand how your content stacks up against itself and where your strengths lie when it comes to analytics. By utilizing analytics for trends, understanding what a high-performing post looks like, and determining a plan to either move forward or work out of a niche, most brands see their growth increase with their exposure, and free analytic tools are available for all businesses with a social media presence. If you’re looking for a professional video for your company, be sure to consider UniMedia Productions, as we have over 30 years and 1,500 video projects of experience.