UniMedia Intern Intel: Taylor

Taylor is originally from Gastonia, North Carolina, and joined UniMedia for the summer to learn more about marketing.

According to Taylor, “I decided to join UniMedia because I wanted to further my learning. There is so much value in watching professionals create campaigns and content. The best way to learn is to jump right in!”

Taylor has been teaching first grade, but decided she wanted a career change, so she is currently pursuing her masters in digital marketing and advertising. She really enjoys seeing the process from beginning to end, watching how marketing content is created, how it transforms over time, and the impact a campaign can have on the company. Then there is the design aspect – she loves the ability to get creative with print designs, and admits she can spend hours playing around with a new website design. 

In ten years, Taylor hopes to be working with artists or art museums to create their marketing campaigns. She loves searching for new artists to follow, and would love to be part of the way people connect with new musicians or artists. 

When she isn’t teaching students, working on her masters, or getting real-world experience at UniMedia, Taylor enjoys reading books, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

If you are looking for a marketing internship in the Charleston area, contact UniMedia at support@unimediadigital.com or 843-637-4326.