Top Places to Shoot Great Video in Charleston, South Carolina

Choosing to create videos for marketing is a great idea no matter where you live. But when you have a beautiful setting like Charleston, South Carolina, the possibilities for getting gorgeous shots are nearly endless. Here are some of the best spots in town to get some amazing shots for your marketing video.

The Battery

This iconic landmark of the Lowcountry offers breathtaking views of the ocean, historic structure, and lush arching trees. Whether you want a nature-filled backdrop or dramatic establishing shots of the sea, there are few bad angles on this historic promenade. If you set up your camera crew at The Battery, you’re bound to end up with some great-looking footage.

The French Huguenot Church

Making for an excellent backdrop to showcase the history of Charleston, this old church features a subtle pink color and distinctive architecture. Perhaps you want to gather shots of the historic architecture in town or you need a good-looking background for a shot of someone walking. Either way, the unique aesthetic of the French Huguenot Church in Charleston will certainly enhance your final product.

The Mills House

Let’s keep the pink theme going, shall we? The Mills House is a landmark hotel in the heart of the French Quarter in Charleston. Built in 1853, this old hotel proudly displays a lush pink hue and features charming old-fashioned windows, which change in style on every floor. Since the exterior is generally well kept up, it makes the perfect backdrop for videos.

Rainbow Row

It’s time to add some more colors into the mix. The old houses in Charlestons’s Rainbow Row show off brilliant hues of pink, green, blue, and more, and you gaze upon these gorgeous tones as you stroll through the street. These colorful homes make for ideal backgrounds while shooting your video marketing campaign in Charleston.

Zero George

There are plenty of angles and opportunities to gather dramatic and beautiful footage at the historic Zero George. This old hotel features a rugged yet charming exterior, along with a series of pathways where you can get beautiful tracking shots of people walking or to simply use as great establishing shots.

Broad Street

Lined with swaying palm trees and filled with rich history, this street runs through the heart of downtown Charleston and is home to some of the most eye-pleasing architecture in the city. Another street filled with beautiful tones and textures, there are nearly endless angles you can shoot on Broad Street to get amazing video footage for your marketing campaign.

King Street

Running right through downtown Charleston, King Street features a unique set of mismatched architecture, which all comes together like a historic mosaic. Also home to one of the best shopping and food destinations in town, this is a great place to capture shots of a bustling city and some beautiful buildings.

If you want to get the most out of your video marketing campaign, it’s worth looking into a video production company that is familiar with the best places to shoot video in Charleston and knows how to create a great final product.