Tips for Creating Effective Trade Show Video

With the world still in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, the effectiveness of trade shows has taken an understandable dip, and businesses have been forced to make tweaks to align themselves with the unconventional conditions. Trade show videos have become increasingly common, and their immense impact and great ROI have created the impression that they might outlive the pandemic.

While there is no formula to creating trade show videos that can fully make up for the disruption from all the social distancing and contactless interaction, you can do things to increase their effectiveness in the convention booth.

Arouse Interest 

Videos speak to many prospects at once. They also help capture the attention of headline scanners and shy individuals within the audience. However, you don’t want the prospect to get all the information about your product in the video. They will likely not speak to the marketer in the booth. A good trade show video bridges the gap between passersby and company representatives. Ensure yours contains enough information to elicit interest but not render your marketers irrelevant.

Align Your Concept With Your Product Type

Your product type dictates the audience you attract and their expectations and standards. For instance, if you are selling a graphic design tool, you will likely attract designers who will be more drawn to graphically appealing videos. 

Your video needs to connect with the target emotionally and give the impression that you know what you are doing. So before committing to a video idea, make a point of creating viewer personas and basing your decision on their perceived expectation.

Consider Potential Sound Restrictions

If sound is not allowed at the trade show, your video doesn’t automatically become unworkable unless you create it with the restriction in mind. When there are sound and volume restrictions, your video must be illustrative in the visuals alone. You might want to include subtitles for good measure.

Keep It Short

People at trade shows don’t have all the time in the world to check out everything that is on display, so don’t expect a prospect to patiently watch your five-minute video that saves the valuable information for the very end.

Your tradeshow video should be short and to the point. Also, it doesn’t have to be a single video if you are covering multiple bits with roughly equal significance. Several 10-20-second videos highlighting your product’s selling points can do the trick as long as they are displayed systematically.

Avoid Internet-Based Video Players

It is not uncommon for a well-laid-out tradeshow plan to end up in a fiasco at the last minute. Think about it: you are streaming a video, then suddenly your Wi-Fi connection drops, or the site breaks and remains down for the rest of the event.

 These possibilities make it amateurish to rely on the internet for video presentations. Instead, carry a flash drive and play your video directly from the on-site device.


Trade show videos were once a bonus, but now they are necessary. Use the above tips to create engaging videos and get the most out of your exhibit. Or even better, enlist the help of a professional videography company like UniMedia Productions.