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Three of the Best Corporate Video Examples

How do we love corporate videos? Let us count the ways. A corporate video is essential for every business out there, no matter the industry or size, to get their vision from their heart into a viewer’s hands. An excellent corporate video should be one of three things (or all three if you think you have it in you). It should either tell a story, inspire or motivate a viewer, or educate the consumer. 

Video isn’t going anywhere and if you aren’t using multimedia you’re missing out. Hubspot said in a 2022 survey with marketers, 87% of them said video gives them a positive ROI. While money talks, any good business owner cares about their consumer’s experience. The same survey reports a whopping 94% of marketers have increased their viewers’ understanding of the company, product or service. Now you know why you have to have video, but what does a good corporate video look like? Let’s check out three examples that we think say it all.

Tell a Tale: Storytelling Corporate Video Example

There are terrible examples of company storytelling out there. We’ve all seen them. The stiff business owner sitting in his office, talking about his struggle to reach the top. Weird employee “behind the scenes” videos that are clearly staged and don’t even tell a story. It’s easy to spot a cringey video when you come across one, and it’s hard to tell a story that isn’t obvious and too brand-heavy. 

This construction company, Eagle, nailed it with their corporate video. The consumer gets a clear look at what Eagle values and who they employ without being bombarded by the product itself. It’s well-made and intentional; the viewer gets the point and the company is transparent. The viewer will automatically feel a sense of trust with Eagle. We know who works there, what they care about, and why they love their job. 

Motivate Your Viewer: Inspiring Corporate Video Example

We love this video from UnderArmour from their series called “The Will Finds a Way.” The brand engages the viewer with small, digestible pieces of content that highlight recognizable faces and lets them tell their stories. UnderArmour doesn’t mention products or slap their name over the entire video, they let the content speak for itself. A big mistake many companies make is being too literal with their video marketing and content. Consumers are smart, they know what they’re looking for, and they won’t engage with something boring or cheesy.

In this video, you automatically get the sports brand values hard work, determination, and getting where you want to be. Whether the viewer knows it or not, they’re already linking these stories to the brand and won’t feel the content is too “salesy” in nature. The production and storyline is inspiring and motivating, making you feel like you really can do anything you put your mind to.

Teach Something New: Educating the Consumer Corporate Video Example

Customer education builds brand trust and saves money on customer complaints. This kind of corporate video shows your audience you care and want them to get the best out of your product or service. We dig this video from Canva for a bunch of reasons. It has layers, probably cost next to nothing, and is straight to the point.

Canva uses this corporate video in a way that appeals to viewers who aren’t familiar with the platform as well as their current users. Potential customers have a quick snippet to see the inside of the design software and how easy it is to navigate. Current users can discover something they were missing or struggling with in the platform. A good education video should be simplistic, multipurpose, and put the customer first.

UniMedia and You: Let’s Make Some Magic (and Some Money)

We’ve told you the statistics from the marketing end, but your clients are craving video as well. In 2018, Statista reported that 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices. By now, those numbers have gone through the roof. 

Our expert team wants to tell your story, and tell it right. Whether you pick a more inspirational route or want to inform your viewer, we have you covered. Check out some of our recent projects and contact us to learn more.