Things to Look for When Partnering with a Video Producer

Using the powerful medium of video for your marketing opens up a world of possibilities. You can find endless ways to be creative through a combination of engaging visuals, exciting music and sounds, and supportive text, creating content that viewers can enjoy and easily digest. While videos offer a high level of convenience to viewers, they aren’t exactly easy to produce compared to other forms of content. You’ll want to be extra sure the video producers you partner with have what it takes to deliver quality video content for your business.

Watch Videos the Company Has Produced

Your first order of business is pretty simple: watch some videos. No, this isn’t an excuse to spend your morning binging Youtube pranks, it’s a chance for you to research the results of your potential new business partner. Look through as many videos as you can to see if the style and level of quality is something you want for your own company.

Read Reviews

Finding a video production company that can produce high-quality videos is great and all, but as a business, you need to know your video producers create videos that result in lead conversions. Take time to browse some reviews online about whether or not the video campaigns were successful and the degree of their success. Look specifically for reviews or testimonials stating they received a number or percentage of leads from the video.


The last thing you want when an agency is producing content that will represent your business is to be left in the dark. A combination of ideas, progress updates and feedback should always be flowing back and forth between you and your video producers. Make sure you communicate all of the critical details about your business, the purpose of your video campaign, and how you want your brand to be represented.

These are just the baseline details that should be discussed upfront and that you should have in mind when discussing the progress of your video. The producer should also be asking questions you may not have even considered since this is their specialty. There also shouldn’t be any ambiguity about the final cost of the production as well.

Willingness to Go Above and Beyond

When you hire outside marketing agencies, having your expectations exceeded should be your expectation. At Unimedia, our video producers don’t settle for content that is merely acceptable. We work efficiently to ensure you get the best product for your budget while delivering your content in a timeframe that works for you. We are experienced in working in all types of situations, including risky ones, to capture the best shots for your video, and know how to take all the necessary safety precautions. Contact Unimedia today to partner with video producers who live to create excellent content that captures the attention of viewers and leads to growth.