The Importance of Integration

It’s a constant concern for just about anyone running a business.  Whether you’re a huge fast-moving consumer goods conglomerate or a one-man home-based office, the question always is: “How can I keep my business going?”

Integration, in a marketing sense, takes into account (at least as much as possible) every single possible imaginable way you and your customers (and prospects) interact with each other.  This includes traditional and non-traditional media, both online and offline.

The goal of Integrated Marketing Communications is to bring together all the elements of your corporation-advertising, sales, customer service, public relations, direct marketing, sales support, etc.-into a singular, unified force rather than having these different departments all work independently and separately from each other.

The end result is that you have a single concept-a single brand message across all your marketing channels, customized for any advertising or promotional effort, bearing in mind time, budget and the goals of the current campaign.

Every company should have an online presence now, and it doesn’t have to be a static brochure-type website. Company blogs give a more human face to your business, allowing you to interact with your online audience. Innovative promotional activities can help bring in new business.  And you can expect your clientele to talk about you, especially if your product, service or brand has made a tremendous impact on them.