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The Importance of Audio in Company Videos

Videos are an extremely valuable component in your company’s marketing strategy, and video marketing is growing fast. According to a report by Demand Metrics 93 percent of study participants believe video is better than other forms of content marketing. Another study conducted by HubSpot found almost three-quarters of consumers prefer video to text. When done well, company videos can be a powerful way to convey a message to a broad audience.

However, it’s critical to have high-quality sound in your company videos to effectively engage the audience. Poor sound quality with background noise, interference, or inconsistent tone, can not only irritate the viewer, but can also result in reduced concentration. Here are a few tips to help ensure you have excellent sound quality in your company videos.

Choose a high-quality recording device

Consider investing in an external recording device. Many cameras do a great job taking photos and videos, but they do not have the highest quality audio. Purchase an external microphone to make your sound recordings top-notch. Choose a recording device that meets your specific needs. For example, if you are recording narration inside, you can use an external microphone with a power plug. However, if your company videos include outdoor shoots, consider a wireless microphone. You may want to use a handheld microphone for on-the-go interviews. A wired lavalier is a great option for direct pickup of an individual’s voice.

Reduce outside noise when shooting company videos

Just as important as the recording device is the recording location. You will want to avoid recording in a room that lacks furniture, rugs, or window coverings because the audio will echo. Reduce outside noises as much as possible by closing the doors and windows to your workspace. You will also want to listen closely for any potentially distracting outside noises, such as a loud air conditioner, refrigerator, lawn mower, or distant conversations. 

Make sure you are conscious of what you are wearing while recording as well, steering away from clanging bracelets or noisy clothing. Know where your microphone is and make sure that your clothing doesn’t touch the microphone. You will also want to hold the microphone as close as possible to your mouth to get the least amount of outside noise. If you are outdoors, there is a potential for wind and weather elements to interrupt your audio. Therefore, you will want to consider using wind and rain protection devices.

Mix musical and natural sound elements

Adding music to your company video can help convey messaging that words and images don’t. Additionally, combining music with other elements of your video will help create an engaging experience for the viewer. Music also serves as a great buffer for covering up any potential background noise and helps the viewer focus on the video content. However, make sure you have permission to use whatever music you choose. 

Another option to enhance the company video is to incorporate natural sound. Natural sounds are ambient or environmental sounds that help bring a story to life. For example, if you are at a sporting event, a natural sound would be the crowd cheering for their team or a referee whistle. Incorporate these sound elements to help the audience feel like they are at the scene of the video.

If you are unsure about how to make a dynamic company video, consider hiring an outside company to help. UniMedia provides full-service marketing and has extensive experience in partnering with clients to create dynamic marketing materials, including company videos, that have a strong return on investment. Whether you create your own company videos or hire UniMedia, leverage these tips to create high quality videos with excellent sound quality to drive results.