The First 3 Videos Your Company Should Create

Entering the world of video marketing has a lot of promise. But with everything involved in creating videos, such as writing a script, choosing a good location, and sound-mixing, it can be intimidating getting started. You also may not be sure where to begin when you decide to jump into a video marketing strategy. But with all there is to gain from creating video marketing content, you shouldn’t let anything keep you from getting started. Here are some great video ideas your company should start with.

Company Story Video

One of the most important aspects of marketing is creating a strong brand and making it clear to consumers what values separate your brand from the competition. A powerful way to convey this is through video.

Your company doesn’t have to have a dramatic or surprising backstory, but by creating a good script and making a polished video about how your company got started, you can keep viewers engaged and make a good impression. This type of video goes well with an “About Us” section on your website and can also be effective on your homepage. Either way, you’ll improve the search engine optimization (SEO) by including your video on your site.

Product Demo Video

If you create products that are fun to see in action, you should consider making a product demo video. This type of content is very engaging for viewers and highly effective at making a product seem more tangible.

You’ll also have lots of great opportunities for SEO by product demos. They are also ideal for sharing on social media since your followers will naturally be curious about how your products work. It’s also a great way to have your social posts link back to your main website.

You have a lot of freedom when making a product demo video. There’s not a lot of pressure to make it extra high quality since viewer’s expectations for product demo videos won’t be very strict. But if you want to get creative, it can be a great way to express the personality of your company while providing viewers with the information they need.

Animated Video

While you may be a bit nervous about creating an animated video, it’s actually a great starting point. Many people don’t realize animation is often actually less expensive to produce than many live action videos. Plus, they get great responses and engagement from viewers. You can get especially creative with animation and use it for all kinds of purposes.

If you want to make a video explaining why viewers should choose your product, you can include infographics and fun visuals to make the information more digestible. Animated videos are also great for getting started with paid ad videos on YouTube.

Ultimately, these are just a few suggestions to help you get the wheels turning. When you start working with a trustworthy video production company and brainstorm ideas for the direction your company should go in, you’ll feel much more confident about your video marketing strategy moving forward.