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The Best Ways to Start Using Video for Your Business

Once photographs hit the scene, we were all in shock. We can capture a moment in time and have it tell a story for the rest of eternity? No one (except maybe Albert Einstein) could have predicted the future of technology and how in-depth storytelling would really become. Being in-the-know with digital developments is essential in ensuring your business is being seen in the way that matters. UniMedia Productions can help you attract the right audience with the right kind of footage. You want to tell your brand’s story, and we want to help you. Our team is passionate about video art and letting our clients lead the way in how their brand is presented to the world. Here are some of the best ways to start using video for your business.

Why Multimedia Matters

It’s a scary fact, but it is reality: the human attention span is getting shorter. Let’s not call ourselves goldfish just yet, but we are living in a time where content matters, and what you put out could get lost in the noise of the internet. We can’t take in the inundation of information as it floods our brains, and we have to be selective about what we pay attention to. It is a sad truth, but even if your company is the best in the business, if you aren’t pitching in a way that resonates with the consumer, you won’t get the hits you need.

Imagine yourself scrolling through your social feeds: What matters to you and why do you stop to take a second glance? More times than not, something catches your eye, whether it is a brand you would normally engage with or not. 

More and more, we’re seeing authentic companies fall to the wayside as their technologically-savvy counterparts have the know-how to make do. Our team is heavily focused on using our talents to ensure you don’t become a missed drop in the ocean of content.

How You Can Use Video for Your Business

  • Product Placement: We are all familiar with the saying “seeing is believing,” and it has become a curse of our culture. With everything constantly being documented and dissected, consumers need proof inside the pudding. Showing off your products and allowing your audience to get a first-hand look at what you have to offer is essential in connecting with the right demographic. Companies who fail to show their products come off as a scam in this day and age. Think of this as having a conversation with your intended community and allowing them to browse the goods before they buy.
  • Brand Narrative: Everyone appreciates the “humanity” behind a company. All too often we become fooled by a product we have fallen in love with only to find out the person behind it all isn’t who they said they were. A video outlining your brand narrative and putting a face to the name allows you to connect with your potential customers on a level they crave. Sometimes, the creator is as important as the product itself. Why do you do what you do? What made you want to get into the business? Who are you? Our team has the capacity to bring color to your company and paint a better picture of what you’re all about.
  • Testimonials: We have all been there. Whether it is a restaurant review, a product rating, or a tell-all article, consumers read the reviews before they invest. The internet is a crazy place and we have to find sanity behind the many layers that exist. Part of this journey is enlisting your clients to help tell your story. People want to hear from real people: What was the outcome after the big buy? Connecting with other customers gives people the trust and satisfaction they need to make their decision. Let your best customers tell the story for you. A video interview of your trusted patrons will give potential customers the confidence to give you a chance.


You might be a business concerned with ROI, or you could be a company who wants to better connect with its audience. Whoever and wherever you are, channeling video as a new form of promotion will give you the advantage you need. We’re all exploring this digital landscape together, let’s try out video as a way to conquer some territory.