The Benefits of Using Video in Sales Emails

When it comes time to book an important meeting or close a sales deal, using email is often the go-to method. But if you’re going to stand out and earn new business with your sales emails, you need to think of ways to get your recipients more engaged. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by adding videos to your future sales emails. 

Video Earns More Email Opens

The ever-challenging task of getting your recipients to actually open your carefully crafted emails has plagued marketers since the inception of the worldwide web. However, video could be the missing piece of email marketing strategy you’ve been looking for. On average, subject lines that contain the word “video” are five times more likely to be opened and earn eight times as many responses as emails without video.

People aren’t necessarily looking to their email inbox for videos to watch – largely because it just isn’t very common to see. So when a video does pop up, it stands out in a big way. 

Video Lets You Convince the Recipient Through Visuals

Receiving a cold call and listening to someone speak just doesn’t create the same impression or level of attention that watching a video does. If you want to convince your recipient to consider buying from you, video is your best shot. The combination of engaging audio and visuals simply captures people’s attention better. And if you have a specific product to show off, video is the best way to demonstrate it in action. 

Add a More Personal Touch

One thing you certainly can’t do through text or images alone is give yourself a proper introduction. Only so much of your personality can come through when you send a typical email. However, video gives you the unique opportunity to actually show your face and to let the recipient hear your voice, creating a sense that you two have already met. 

While other businesses are scrambling to earn meetings, you’ll gain a leg up by taking care of a lot of what would happen in a sales meeting through a thoughtfully made video. 

Make Your Business More Memorable

It’s easy to forget a letter, even if it was well written. But quality videos stick with people even after they’re over. Obviously your goal isn’t to write a compelling sales email that makes the recipient interested for a few minutes. Your goal is to leave a lasting impression that leads to a long-standing business relationship. 

Plus, it’s simply easier for the recipient to fully consume and understand all of the main points you want to make about your business or whatever you’re proposing in your email. So not only will they remember your sales pitch better, they will also get a more complete understanding of what you want them to take away. 

When you create your video for your sales email, you don’t need to make it too extravagant, but you do want to ensure it is high-quality enough to leave the impression you’re aiming for. By consulting a video production agency, you can ensure your video is goal-focused and also looks and sounds great.