How One Shoot Can Yield Dozens of Videos for Your Marketing Campaigns

How One Shoot Can Yield Dozens of Marketing Campaign Videos

If you’re going to optimize your ROI from your marketing campaign videos, you will need to find ways to improve your efficiency. If you can boost your content deliverables from a single day of shooting, you’ll drastically improve your returns from your overall video production efforts. Now, this obviously isn’t going to apply to every…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Using Drones During a Videoshoot

Drone videography from UniMedia Productions in Charleston SC can take your video marketing to new heights.

Just ten years ago, the idea of robots flying through the sky capturing footage sounded like something out of a science fiction movie. But today, drone videography that produces high-quality video is becoming more common and can take your video marketing to new heights. If you’re going to create a video marketing campaign, you should think of…

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How to Choose a Videographer in 2020

Choosing a Videographer is an important part of creating a successful video marketing strategy.

As a business owner with a keep grasp on the market, you know it’s time to incorporate a video marketing strategy into your overall plan. But where do you begin? While the temptation to try to go it alone to save money is very real, you can expect great things, and a better ROI, when you choose…

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