Yes Your Manufacturing Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Learn more about why your website should be mobile-friendly.

As a reputable manufacturer, your business is focused on technological innovation, maintaining a high standard of quality, and efficiently delivering your products to other businesses that depend on you. But is your website optimized for your consumer base? One way to make your manufacturing website stand out and attract more customers is to make it…

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Appealing to Gen Z, The Newest Generation of Consumers

Gen Z is the generation born between 1995 and 2010. Here are some pointers on how to market to this tech savvy population.

As we have been analyzing and marketing to the millennial generation for so long, a new generation of consumers has been growing. This new generation, born between 1995 and 2010, has been the first generation to grow up with technology constantly at their fingertips, with the internet, smart phones, and social media. Because of this,…

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Importance of Having a Functional Website

Every small business owner envisions making their website live and seeing well-written content, beautiful graphics, and their company name proudly displayed for all to see. And while these elements of visual appeal are all essential to a good website, it will all be in vain if your website fails to function smoothly. Take the time…

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