Showcasing Your CEO in a Video

Creating a video of your CEO is a great way to give people special insight into your company. It lets your audience see the vision and values of your leader, which can build trust and engagement. A video of your CEO is perhaps one of the best ways for employees and people outside of your company to experience a personal connection with the CEO, as it is the next best thing to meeting them face-to-face.

There are a number of ways to showcase your CEO in the best way possible. Here are some tips to consider when filming this video.

Keep It Interesting

One way to make your video interesting is to show the CEO’s genuine personality. You could show them doing something fun during their daily routine or giving fun facts about themselves. Let them speak naturally instead of following a formal script if they are comfortable. This will bring more life to the video and viewers will appreciate the authenticity. If you are doing the video in an interview format, another way to keep it interesting is to ask the CEO intriguing questions that the audience will want to know the answers to.

Also, choose an appealing location, such as a nicely lit corner of the office or even outside in a quiet area. The background will keep the video pleasant to watch as your CEO speaks. In the editing process, we also recommend adding sound effects and/or music, graphics, and visuals to keep the video interesting and make it more professional.

Keep It Concise

You want to avoid a boring, 30-minute long video, so interview your CEO and edit it down to about two minutes. This will be plenty of time for the audience to get to know the CEO better and internalize the message of the video. While keeping it brief, you also want to keep the video relatable. Make sure the CEO speaks in a way everyone watching will understand. Try not to include complicated jargon that will go over the audience’s heads.

Keep It Professional

The best way to make a professional video is to make sure the equipment is high-quality. The CEO should be dressed in proper attire and the equipment will do the rest. Investing in nice video, audio, and lighting equipment will ensure your time is not wasted.

You can also hire a video production company to help you with any or all stages of the process, from brainstorming the concept to actually producing and editing the video. The CEO can do their best video, but without a professional team to work with, the result may not be ideal. Make sure the team and your CEO work well together and that they produce quality work to make the process go smoothly.

With these factors in mind, creating a video of your CEO is an excellent way to communicate to the public. For more information about video production or to discuss us handling your video production needs, please schedule a free consultation with UniMedia today!