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Should Your Corporate Videos Be Branded?

Branding is the result of creating a visual narrative using colors, written tone and design elements. Done effectively, a customer should know what company they’re interfacing with and what their product or service is. Essentially, this means branding is the bridge between a complete stranger and your product. Quality branding distinguishes you from your competitors, relates to your customer on an emotional level, and tells a narrative that helps the customer understand the unique aspects of your company. 

Videos are particularly helpful for all types of modern businesses. Research shows that 85% of all consumed media is video content, and not participating in this marketplace can hinder your brand’s exposure. If you are creating corporate videos, it’s important to use branding for several reasons.

Why is branding corporate videos important?

As stated above, branding is the bridge between your product and the customer. By creating familiarity with your brand’s identity and product, the customer feels more comfortable with conducting business with you. If you communicate your brand effectively, your customer should have an emotional connection with the company and can thus understand the cohesive message you are trying to convey through your product. 

One of the strongest branded companies is Patagonia. Using colors, clever wordplay, an unforgettable font, and corporate videos that distinguish them from their competitors, their design aesthetic continues to increase brand recognition, retain their loyal customer base, and drive sales. Customers that both love and are curious about their products watch their videos because of the cohesion, rather than ignoring all of the effort put into their videos. Without the strong design elements and branding skills reflected in their videos, their product would be lost in the milieu of countless outdoor brands that lack the same substance.

How to brand your videos

The first step towards creating a more cohesive branding strategy through your videos is to be authentic. If your product or service is lighthearted, jovial, or for leisure, consider imagery that communicates this effectively. This may be through soft colors, playful fonts, or other relaxing elements. If your product or service desires to be taken more seriously, utilizing opposite elements may be useful. Corporate videos have a reputation for being stuffy, boring, and relatively uninteresting to watch, and effectively branding your content should distance you from this stereotype. 

Using your logo, which communicates your brand, as a watermark fixed at one point on the video can help your customer relate the video content to your brand, further connecting your content. If their eyes start to wander and get lost in the video, it’s useful to have a reliable logo that helps remind them where the video they’re watching is from.

Lastly and most importantly with corporate videos, is creating visual harmony within your content. A common mistake among beginner filmmakers is to emphasize script and text over visual elements. Where radio ads may need the emphasis on a jingle, motto, or snappy text, videos are primarily a visual medium, where cohesive colors, shapes, and tone plays a bigger role in communicating your brand.

Video has become the largest form of media consumption, and if your product or service is not being communicated in this medium, your brand’s exposure and identity are at a disadvantage. Furthermore, if you are creating corporate videos, it’s important to communicate your brand wisely, by creating cohesive, effective media that sets itself and your brand apart from your competitors. Having a strong, recognizable brand is paramount in doing this, and using some key tips above, your product or service can connect with your potential and existing customers on a deeper level. If you’d like more information about properly branding your corporate videos or any other videography topics, please contact Unimedia Productions.