funny company video

Should Your Company Videos Be Funny?

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, but when it comes to crafting the perfect, eye-catching corporate video, is incorporating humor really the best solution? 

Why You Should Make Your Company Video Funny

A witty video can help set your content apart from the crowd. Funny videos are also highly shareable content; your viewer will be more likely to reshare your video across their social media feeds if they find it funny.

Funny videos are successful in selling products and services that may not necessarily be exciting on their own. Intangible products or services that may take a bit of creative explaining are the best fits. 

Using humor can elevate brand awareness as well as build an emotional connection for the consumer. We tend to enjoy spending time around people who are funny and know how to crack a good joke. Your customers are the same way!

While flashy digital effects and famous spokespeople can cost a lot of money, humor doesn’t cost a thing. As long as you have a creative and clever concept, your videos can still compete with large brands with larger video production budgets.

Know What Your Brand Is

Before setting out to craft your next comedic video,  it’s important to keep in my mind what your brand image may be. You may have a very different idea of how your brand is perceived versus who the actual targets of the video are. Do plenty of research. Even the most well-crafted punchlines may fall a little flat if it is completely out of step with the product or message trying to be sold through the video. or how your overall brand is perceived. 

Your video content should still be on-brand and on-topic, as well as creative and funny.

You also must consider the types of jokes that will land best with your brand messaging. For example, if your company sells luxury spa experiences, it’s best not to go for crass humor or one-liners.

How To Make Your Video Funny 

Comedy can be tough—ask anyone who has tried to do an open mic night. There are a few components any funny video needs in order to succeed: messaging, timing, and surprise. It’s important to find the right balance between messaging and humor. Remember to stay on topic instead of just going for laughs. This video for a mortgage lending company utilizes both its brand messaging as well as incorporates humor in surprising and creative ways.

Keep your videos brief so you don’t lose your viewer’s attention and make sure the punch line comes towards the end of the video, but don’t spend too much time on the setup. Too much lead-in time leaves too much time for the viewer to lose interest.

You know your brand best, and your customers may think they already know your product. Nothing is as memorable as a surprise. Think of outside-the-box ideas or ways of looking, talking, or using your product to produce surprise and get laughs. One good example is this ad for a hotel booking platform that gives the hotels their own voice.

Getting a funny video just right can be challenging and time-consuming. If you would like assistance, UniMedia Productions is here to help.