Should You Strive for Perfection in Your Marketing?

As an entrepreneur, you already know full well the struggle of finding a good balance among various aspects of your company. One of the toughest barriers to overcome in the pursuit of growth is perfectionism. Sure, you should always aim to deliver quality for your customers and business partners, but you also should find a way to balance everything with efficiency and practicality.

Perfectionism vs. Quality Execution in Marketing

While there is plenty of number crunching, analytics, and strategy that goes into marketing, it is ultimately a creative endeavor. Allowing creativity to flourish has its obvious benefits when it comes to creating marketing materials that stand out, but you inevitably have to deal with struggles of perfectionism.

It can be very easy for someone to get caught up in a project while obsessing over the fine details of webpage copy, a new logo design, or the way a video is edited. Details matter, but they only matter to the extent that they will be noticed when it comes to marketing to consumers. You may even feel a little irked by some of the details you left out or felt like you could have changed. But keep in mind that consumers aren’t going to notice every detail. Focus on the details consumers will appreciate and you’ll be on the right track.

Rather than striving for perfection in your marketing materials, aim for consistent, quality execution. Focus on the details that matter to consumers, because they are the ones who will ultimately reward you for your efforts. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” You could also say: The quality of your marketing is in the eye of the consumer.

When creating marketing materials, you should of course never show something to your customers or prospects that you don’t believe is quality work. Put in the honest effort and enjoy the creative process, but keep your focus on what will lead to success for your company.

Make Sure Your Marketing Actually Reaches Consumers

In the same vein, focusing on perfection can end up defeating the purpose of your marketing entirely. Perfectionism can cause a project to drag out further and further as you try to refine the details of whatever it is you’re creating. Eventually, it needs to get out there. When you know your logo will make your newest client happy, send it over. When you’ve edited your blog and know people will enjoy reading it, publish it. When you get good feedback on the video you produced, feel free to call it a wrap and let it go live. If your creative projects stay hidden because you feel like they could always be a little better, they aren’t of any use.

Be sure to keep the ball rolling as your creative team collaborates, creates, and refines their processes to make customers happy. Aim for the right balance of quality and efficiency while keeping your customers in mind and you’ll have the formula for success.