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Our Four Favorite Company Videos of 2021

Let’s get the spoiler alert out of the way: the videos are all our own. They might not get a Siskel and Ebert type of review, but our team is truly proud of the content we created for clients over the past year. UniMedia wants to uphold our reputation for quality content while continuing to level up year after year. The crew picked four company videos they thought deserved an encore. 

These videos illustrate UniMedia’s unique storytelling technique and the ways we adapt our creative process to a client’s needs. Whether we’re putting a face to a charity’s cause, painting a picture of an important community campaign, or documenting the behind-the-scenes workings of a company, we are bringing our client’s work to life. Grab some popcorn (mini bags, the clips are short) and enjoy some of our favorite flicks from 2021.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Client Event Promotion: Lowcountry Food Bank

For the Lowcountry Food Bank Chef’s Feast Promo, we wanted to give potential donors a look at some faces they’d be helping feed. We decided to open the reel with kids simply being kids, relaying their own ideas about healthy eating. Next, we presented the problem: children are facing food insecurity, even in your neighborhood. Our client, Lowcountry Food Bank, fights a global crisis on a very local level. 

We decided including a segment about who is preparing the food and how it gets into the hands of those who need it most was important in gaining the viewer’s trust; providing tangible solutions to a problem makes seeing become believing. Closing the clip with more kids being characters drove home the simple message of our client: These kids are full of life—help them stay that way.


The Rest Is History

Client Campaign Awareness: Drayton Hall Preservation Trust

When it comes to discussing historical topics, things can go one of two ways: You listen or you fall asleep. That may be a bit extreme, but there is definitely a fine line to walk when you want to make your audience passionate about things from the past. Our team knew the Drayton Hall Preservation Trust had a mission that needed to be heard, and to do that, we had to make our viewers care about it. We shined light inside the doors of the iconic estate, a truly authentic survivor of the Revolution, Civil War, and natural disasters. The creative team knew there was a legacy to be told and wanted our client, The Drayton Hall Preservation Trust, to feel we were giving new life to a story dating back to the 1730s. The clip highlights the purpose of preserving pieces of history and how the estate’s functions have been reimagined for the future.


Spreading the Christmas Spirit

Client Holiday Greeting: South Carolina Ports Authority 

Every company has real people who are parts of the whole. We often don’t stop to think about the heart and soul of an organization, the humanity behind the product or service we see. Our team wanted to take a different approach for our client, SC Ports, and put a new spin on a holiday message. This commercial was special in that it wasn’t trying to make a sale, it was trying to make someone smile. 

Production went in a new direction as we put audiences in a curious position, making them wonder what was happening as cargo was lowered from the air with ribbons and bows. The narrative leads to a worker’s living room where his children are decorating box cars with holiday accessories. Magic, whimsy, and the true essence of Christmas spirit made this reel a favorite of ours. We aren’t afraid to implement out-of-the-box ideas and give character to a company that is otherwise all business. The softness and playfulness this video embodied made production fun for both the team and the client,


Building A Brand

Client Company Story: Spivey Architects

Storytelling is an artform that is often overlooked. The best marketing should be more anecdote than advertisement. We wanted viewers to be able to jump into the mind of our client, Spivey Architects, and better understand why they’re in the business of building. Audiences get to see more about how an idea becomes a reality. The client said it best himself: “How you go from nothing to something. Before things were a thing, they were a thought.” 

Our team was intrigued as we listened to the creative process of architecture, and we wanted viewers to feel that same sense of curiosity. We also thought the production should include testimonials of customers who have worked with the client. The reel’s script detailed the types of questions the client asks his customers to ensure they’re getting what they’ve dreamed of. The team made sure to implement a real “start to finish” feeling as the client detailed dialogue from real conversations he’s had with his homeowners while the accompanying visuals showed concept to completion.




What types of video content could your business benefit from? Consult with the team at UniMedia Productions to get your creative juices flowing, and let’s collaborate on a project we can be proud of. Who knows, maybe next year you’ll make our four favorite flicks list