Make Money on Youtube

Making Money from YouTube Videos

YouTube’s recent policy changes have made it more challenging for video creators to make money on the platform. Now your channel needs to have at least 1,000 subscribers and a minimum of 4,000 Watch Time hours to start generating any income. While these may seem easy to achieve for a regular poster, making substantial money requires doing more than the bare minimum. Here are a few tested-and-tried tips to enhance your YouTube videos and turn your channel into a goldmine.

Create Original Videos

As a YouTuber, the last thing you want to receive is a copyright claim notification. Copyright strikes not only put you on a collision course with the law but also affect your ability to monetize.

You want to avoid this by ensuring all your videos are authentic. Your content should not include bits of other creators’ material, and all background music should be royalty-free or used with the copyright owner’s permission. If you have to use copyright-protected content, make sure to credit the creator and use the material under the “fair use” doctrine.

Define Your Audience

With over 50 million content creators, YouTube is one of the most crowded video-sharing platforms. This makes it incredibly difficult for up-and-coming creators to grow their viewership and start making money.

However, finding a target audience can get you around this competition conundrum and expedite your growth, all while reducing your work and improving your experience on the platform. You just need to identify your aptitude, create viewer personas, and dish out as much content as you can.

Create Sponsored Content

There are many opportunities for YouTube content creators to partner with companies and get paid for increasing their reach. You could naturally insert the name of the sponsor brand in your video or briefly shout them out at the beginning or end of your video. You could also make an entire video about a product or brand, depending on your sponsor’s needs. Note that viewers aren’t particularly fond of promotional content, so keep sponsored videos to a minimum or you can risk losing subscribers.

Create High-Quality Videos

Viewers these days have so much at their disposal and will include visual quality in their filter-down process for YouTube videos. You can’t ignore this. All renowned content creators and influencers use professional equipment — from cameras and microphones to editing software — and ensure their videos match the platform’s highest supported quality.

Invest in Professional Services

Creating high-quality videos for YouTube is often easier said than done. As stated above, you will need professional equipment and good editing skills to rival the very best in the game. That can prove quite costly and lower the ROI of your project.

A cheaper and safer option would be to partner with professionals like UniMedia Productions, who free you up for what you know best, which is generating content, and save you the need to purchase equipment and learn editing skills.


These tips will help you stand out from the crowd and generate money through your YouTube videos. You might want to rework your old videos, too, if any, to ensure consistency across your catalog.