make a company more personal

Make a Company More Personal with Video

Video adds a level of communication that other forms of media simply can’t achieve. When you’re trying to communicate your brand, product, or idea, video can make a company more personal, making your potential customer feel more connected with your brand. If you’re trying to introduce your brand on an intimate level, perhaps the best way is to make a video that introduces the key members of your company, or loyal customers who are willing to give a video testimony. By connecting to the members of your staff or past customers, the personality and values of your company are easily visible to potential customers. After putting a face to your brand, you can build trust, and that trust can lead to more loyal customers. 

Why Personality Matters

Research has shown businesses with video have grown 49% faster than those without. The same study shows most media consumed on a daily basis is video, and not participating in that marketplace is proven to set your brand back. Among the many different types of video your brand could use, having at least one to introduce staff or loyal customers should be a high priority. Spending time not trying to sell someone on your product or service builds trust, and introducing the faces who believe in the brand can show integrity and transparency. By building a more complete profile of your brand, your potential customer feels more comfortable doing business with you, rather than working with a company that is only trying to sell them something.

How to Make a Company More Personal

 A quality video that puts a face to a brand does more than just introduce members of your staff, followed by moving on to their product. Though any content is certainly better than none, it’s helpful to understand their role in the company, how they align with the values, or what they enjoy about the product. Though it doesn’t need to strictly be all about business, the content shouldn’t stray too far from the bigger picture. 

It also may be helpful to have video testimony of loyal and trusted customers who feel comfortable expressing their thoughts on camera. This angle goes a long way in building valuable trust amongst potential customers and reinforces the strength of your product or service by connecting with people who were once in the same position they’re in. If you’re having trouble finding customers to help in this regard, it may be helpful to offer a discount on your product or service as an incentive.

Simply said, videos make a company more personal. The world is watching more videos than ever, and your brand can benefit from this. Though you may be inclined to make content that introduces your new product or service, it’s important to not forget the people behind everything. By introducing and revealing the perspective of these key people, potential customers can feel more comfortable doing business with you. By understanding the value of your brand to both your staff and loyal customers, a relationship with this potential customer can form. If you want a professional service to strategize, shoot, and edit your video, UniMedia Productions has years of experience creating successful and personable video content.