social media for architects

Is Your Architecture Firm Using Social Media Effectively?

You’ve jumped on the opportunity to bring your firm online, but are you making the most of your digital space? Making the move to social media can be an intimidating pursuit, and the pressure gets heavier as more questions arise. Your architecture firm has a lot to offer, and you should be showcasing your work to the audiences who want to see it most. In order to make an impact on your channels, it’s important to understand where you should be and what you should be saying. There’s no doubt that in today’s internet-driven world, social media is a must. Let’s look at the most effective ways for your firm to utilize this resource and what kind of content you should be producing.


Do Architects Need Social Media?

Yes, yes, and more yes. Every single company, no matter the industry, should be active on social media, connecting with other professionals as well as potential clients. While architecture may not be the first field that comes to mind in terms of the digital landscape, we promise it’s a territory you need to explore. As you know, architecture is visual first. No matter how much experience you have or how long your firm has been around, simply telling clients about your work is not nearly as impactful as showing them.

Think of your social media channels as a curated gallery of your best designs. You have the chance to show off your brand’s unique aesthetic and highlight projects that have been great successes. Using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are also incredible ways to tell prospective clients more about the engineers and designers behind your company. People love putting a face to a name and a story to a company; it makes your firm more accessible and allows you to build trust with your clients.

Social media can also serve as a source of inspiration that can lead to breakthrough brainstorming sessions within your team. Pinterest has tons of boards that revolve around architecture and design, and they’re always changing in terms of emerging trends and modern aesthetics. Using platforms like LinkedIn can help you build a stronger network of colleagues within your field, and will make it easier to stay in the loop in terms of industry news that could be relevant to your firm.

What are the Best Social Media Channels for Architects?

We’ve already mentioned the heavy-hitters that are essential for connecting with clients and networking with other professionals; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are must-haves for every business and non-negotiable when it comes to building your brand. Searching trending hashtags and following relevant accounts will help you tune into what kind of content you should be posting, and you can model your feed after firms you admire.

As the digital world keeps getting bigger and bigger, industry-specific platforms and apps are popping up left and right. Architects should most definitely be using Houzz and Archilovers to link up with people who are as obsessed with the artform as you are. Houzz caters to users who are big architecture fans, so finding clients is a no-brainer. You’ll have the opportunity to show 3D renderings and write detailed content only highly-informed users would get (which means they’ll be more likely to sign on with your firm). Archilovers is more of the LinkedIn for architects only. It’s an international network made for engineers and designers to connect and get inspiration. You’ll have a space to show off your best work, be featured on the homepage, and even write guest blog posts. 

UniMedia Can Build Your Social Media

We get it. No matter how much you read, how much scrolling you do, or how many hours of research you put into understanding social media – architecture comes first. Let our team of dedicated professionals take over coming up with content and managing your channels so you can get back to doing what you do best. We love wearing different hats and learning about industries from the inside out. Architecture is an art most people don’t get to dive into deeply, and we’re ecstatic to have the chance to soak up as much as possible. Learn more about our services and see how they might fit with your firm’s marketing strategies this quarter. We can’t wait to hear from you and see how we can collaborate together.