How to Use Blog Content on Social Media

If you’re keeping up with the latest trends in marketing strategies, then you likely have a blog running. Implementing a content marketing strategy offers tons of potential for increased SEO and building trust with your audience, but it can also be beneficial for your social media marketing as well. By cleverly integrating your content marketing strategy with your social media presence, you can make the most of both marketing channels.

Blogs and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

When it comes to social media and your blog content, it’s a “one hand washes the other” kind of situation. Your blogs can boost the effectiveness of your social media platforms and vice versa. Blogs give you more informative content to post on your social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It can often seem like a struggle to consistently post on social media, so reposting blogs can be a great way to regularly stay in users’ news feeds.

On the other hand, when you post your blogs on social media, you will give the blogs more exposure. As you gain clicks on your website, your web domain builds, propelling your website closer to the top of the search engine results page.

Prove to Your Followers You Really are an Expert

Web users can end up following company pages for a variety of reasons, but they still often need convincing that the business is worth spending their money on. While you can push conversational content on your social media platforms to gain engagement, posting your blogs there is a perfect way to share your knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Use Engagement to Inform Your Content Strategy

Coming up with new content for your blog can sometimes be tedious. After a while, you’ll find yourself struggling to come up with new topics. One place many people don’t think to look is in the comments on their social media pages. Make note of what people are asking when they engage with your posts in the comment section and create blogs that answer them.

A great way to go the extra mile is to respond to a comment by giving an answer and letting the user know you’ll use their question for a new upcoming blog. This sort of engagement will really stand out and be helpful in gaining new customers.

Use Blogs for Contests

Contests are a fun way to get users engaged with your social media platforms in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Offer prizes to users who can find the answers to questions in your blogs the fastest. Or send them on a scavenger hunt through a few blogs before declaring a winner.

Boost both your blog and your social media pages by using them together. You’ll find new ways to connect and earn more conversions for your business.