How to Prepare for Shooting Video with a Production Company

As a business owner or marketing specialist, you likely have a clear vision for how you want to promote your company through the powerful medium of video. But materializing this vision often involves bringing on a skilled video production team. While hiring the right people will go a long way, it’s also crucial to effectively collaborate and carefully prepare for the shoot. 

Supervise the Script

What will ultimately give life to your video from the get-go is its script. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to write the script yourself or send it over to the video production team to draft the copy. Either way, both parties should have a go at it. If you decide to write the script, it’s a good idea to send it over to the creative team you’ve hired to see if they can add some flair to it. If you have the production team write your script for you, you’ll want to review it to provide any necessary edits related to compliance, approved brand language, or simply your preferences. 

Get the Right Support Staff Involved

Whoever the decision-makers are in your company who called for a video to be made should consult on whether or not the script is tailored to the goals the video needs to accomplish. In addition to getting involved in the script, you’ll want a technical consultant involved during the drafting process and during the shoot if you’re making a product demo video or something similar. This way, you’ll ensure the product is shown being used properly. 

Be sure to also tap the right resources within your company if the shoot will require specific products, props, or company locations for the production to proceed. 

Many companies also hire legal consultants to ensure their video doesn’t contain any copyright infringements, make any false claims, or other potential legal violations. 

Be Present During the Shoot

If the video is set at your place of business, you’ll need to plan around normal operating hours. If you’re doing a behind-the-scenes look at your office, you may want to shoot your video during normal hours to get an authentic feel. Be sure to inform your staff if they will be included in the video and get any necessary releases signed ahead of time.

Otherwise, you can close down for the day for the shoot or film during off hours if you’re willing to be present during off hours. Again, if your products will be demonstrated in any capacity, have a technical consultant on-hand to direct the talent accordingly. 

During the actual shoot, you should have notes from your legal consultant with you to ensure all of the content is compliant. Be sure to also pay attention to all line deliveries as well to ensure everything is on-brand and pronounced correctly. 

At the end of the day, the video production firm you hired has the talent to deliver excellent content you’ll be thrilled about. By involving your own team in the process, you can be confident the end result will exceed all expectations.