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How to Make the Most of COVID with Company Video

COVID-19 has had wide-reaching impacts on our world as we navigated a new normal; we weren’t only physically suffering from the virus, but our mental health and stability was deteriorating. With shelter-in-place mandates sweeping the globe, we were forced to isolate ourselves in a way that we had never experienced before. Even self-proclaimed “homebodies” found themselves craving contact with others, and being the resilient and resourceful beings we are, we created ways to do so. One of the ways businesses have coped is by making the most of COVID with company video.

Increase in Video Consumption

Forbes dove into the rise in video consumption and found that a large part of its surges in popularity can be attributed to the pandemic. The article noted that the shift to multimedia content was already happening pre-pandemic, but the events of the past year only sped up the process. Cisco estimates that by next year, 82% of all content created will be video. The article also notes that we can’t get enough and are spreading our consumption across multiple channels. The average U.S. citizen now pays for four separate streaming services, 23% added a new subscription since the pandemic began, and apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels are only continuing to feed our obsession. The article stated that TikTok has “nearly triple(d) in size since 2018, now amassing about 100 million monthly active U.S. users.” No matter your age or your online “presence”, by the middle of 2020 everyone knew what TikTok was and likely could reference a trend or two.

Even with entertainment purposes aside, utilizing video services and consuming multimedia content helped the world stay afloat when we felt like we were drowning in uncertainty. Pew Research Center found that “58% of adults say the internet has been essential during the pandemic, and for some groups, its importance grew over the past year.” It was almost impossible to avoid utilizing technology during quarantine. 

Many people had the ability to work from home, and using platforms like Zoom were necessary in performing day-to-day functions. The need for real-time chat features made apps like Zoom skyrocket in popularity, and now that we are accustomed to how many benefits virtual connection have, many businesses have changed their entire mode of communication to fit the online model.

The Fast Facts: How Can You Use Company Video to Build Your Business?

Now that you know why hopping on the multimedia content bandwagon is a no-brainer, here are some ways on how to do it.

  • Go Live. Live streams are incredibly effective tools for a multitude of reasons. The real-time connection allows you to interact with your audience in a non-static way, giving your brand a better reputation and building trust with your consumers. The experience also allows companies to have a better understanding of what their audience needs, wants, and expects from the brand. Live Streams allow opportunities for Q&A segments, product reveals or unboxings, service demonstrations, and event promotions.
  • Level Up Your Content. The human attention span is getting shorter and shorter, and creating video content is a way to snatch the focus of your consumer before you lose them entirely. Having dynamic visuals that tell a story is key in bringing your content into the future. Video’s ROI is a huge factor when it comes to investing your marketing dollars into multimedia production. Companies are able to see how users engage with their content and analytics show how much time is spent on a video clip. This kind of content is also preferred for SEO purposes and will help get your business found.
  • Make Video tutorials/employee training videos a permanent change for your company to save time and money. Now that we are aware of how much can be done online rather than in person, your company can save a pretty penny in costs for training and onboarding purposes. Creating a library of video content that new and potential employees can access will free up crucial time for your company. Incorporating video content for employee use is a wise move for any business who is looking to reinvest their time and energy into doing the work that matters. It’s also an extremely helpful resource to have a curated bank of information that your employees can access at the click of a button.


TikTok, YouTube, live streams, and video chatting have all been essential in giving us the doses of dopamine we were missing. We collectively found ways to feel less alone through using social platforms and video software in new and innovative ways. As we continue to navigate the murky waters that are COVID-19 and its aftermath, we can choose to find the positive outcomes of a difficult situation. 

One of the avenues to explore is the use of technology for real human moments, particularly through video. Not only did we find new uses for existing technology, we became more savvy in the process. As a whole, people’s comfort levels with using digital platforms increased and their apprehensiveness to move more towards video have slowly begun to fade away. Take advantage of this new mindset by using company video to promote your business.