professional looking videos

How to Create More Professional Looking Videos

With the flurry video content coming out nearly every moment, it can be difficult to create content that sets you apart from the crowd. One sure-fire way of making sure you get the most views is to make your videos as polished and professional as possible.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the outcome of your video shoot. If you plan on using natural light, try to shoot early in the morning or in the afternoon. If you plan on shooting indoors or between those times, make sure you have plenty of other light sources on hand.

It’s All in the Details

Planning out your shoot, from concept and script to lighting and props is the recipe for making a top-notch video. It’s also important to keep in mind the small details you may not notice in the moment of filming, but which may be hugely distracting to your viewers. Make sure you’re thinking about street noise, overhead aircraft, and any unseemly trash or other items that may be hidden in the corners of your shot.

Use a Clean Background

Nothing says “amateur” quite like a messy or distracting background, which can easily overpower all the other great content you may have in your video. It’s best to use a solid-colored backdrop such as a blank wall or a sheet. Just make sure to have your video subject stand a few feet away from the backdrop to avoid creating shadows.

Avoid Shaky Shots

Invest in a quality tripod or place your camera on a very sturdy surface. This is key to avoiding shaky shots and making your viewer feel as if they are at sea.

Develop an Artist’s Eye

The composition of a video helps various visual elements tell your story. While a cinematographer’s level of know-how isn’t crucial, understanding some basic concepts can help you go far, such as “The Rule of Thirds.” This means you place your subject’s head a bit higher (not center) in the frame to give them visual “breathing space.” This also helps to add more depth to the scene.

Choose a Good Editing Software

What sets a poor looking video apart from a great one often happens post-filming. Having good video editing software and knowing how to use it is paramount. And just because a software offers a variety of effects doesn’t mean you should use them! Keep your editing simple and clean to get the message clearly across to your viewers.

Invest in your Equipment

The easiest way to get a pro-level video is by using pro-level equipment. This includes investing in a quality tripod, camera, and audio equipment, such as a good microphone. 

There’s so much more to consider in video than just where to point your smartphone. Creating professional-looking videos to show off your brand can be hard, time-consuming, and expensive. Why not just leave it to the pros? 


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